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  1. So I updated and after the reboot, I managed to create 3 mkvs but the fourth then failed again and everyone since so I've had to go back to 10/100 network speed again to get it to work
  2. Here are the diagnostics after the problem occurred (19;49 if that helps)
  3. I have lots of bluray ISO files that I'm slowly converting to mkv so I can play them on more devices than just my Dune player but when I open one of the ISOs in MakeMKV from my Windows PC the conversion starts and then fails after a few minutes during which time the Unraid web gui crashes and my docker containers lock up. This also happens if I try to copy one of ISOs to my Windows machines first. Unraid becomes responsive again after a couple of minutes. The only way round this that I have found is to manually set my NIC in my Windows machine to 100mbps duplex which obviously takes longer but does work. My network seems fine, all hardwired and I can transfer a large file between two Windows PCs fine
  4. Thanks for the pointers. In the end I renamed the roonserver folder in appdata so a new one would be created during re-install which worked so I'm now back up and running
  5. I had this docker running great for a few days until I tried to add my new Denon AVR as a audio source. This crashed the server and its no longer accessible so I've tried remover the container and readding it which didn't help. I've tried to delete the files in the roonserver folder in appdata but it throws up a permissions problem. Can anyone give me any pointers?