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  1. Could you tell me where exactly does it show that it's dual rank? I've bought exact same 2 sticks as before so I thought they'd be identical?
  2. Hi all, I'm currently experiencing my server hanging or rebooting itself multiple times a day. I've recently replaced my cache drive (the old one run out of spare space, probably faulty) and while I was at it I also added 2 more sticks of ram for a total of 4x8GB (Ryzen 1600 so I left them at 2133MT/s). Started setting some of my docker containers back up and then noticed that the server would freeze completely or reboot (freeze more often probably but I might have not noticed reboots, so hard to be certain). After that I set the syslog to save to the server trying to see what's causing it but I can't really tell the issue (other than eth0 rename and br0 spam, but it doesn't seem to crash from that). I also run Memtest (UEFI, so I used the one from their website) but it returned all pass. Here's a chunk of the syslog spanning one freeze (06:51:33) and one restart (10:57:10): Attaching my diagnostics and full syslog as download if preferred + Memtest report if that helps in any way and log too if needed. Please let me know if I can provide any more information to help figure this out. Appreciate your support! EDIT: I'm not sure how to "minimize" the code block similar to how I've seen it on forums. Sorry. EDIT 2: Changed the ram to 1866 as per suggestion. Apparently same stick model can have different number of ranks. I'll update this topic later after seeing if it stabilizes. EDIT 3: Stable for over 24 hours now. Lesson learned and to anybody looking at this in the future: Don't trust the same model of RAM to actually have the same number of ranks. scrappyunraid-diagnostics-20220727-1139.zip syslog- MemTest86.log MemTest86-Report-20220725-222032.html
  3. I've been trying to modify the lighttpd.conf to enable use of the admin panel in an iframe. Tried mounting external config for the pi-hole to use. Tried mounting both full /etc/lighttpd/ dir to my share (after copying original files) and just the conf file on its own. No matter what I do, the startup script seem to move the modified file into a .orig copy and create a new one in its place ignoring the external config file. Tried mounting a script to inject the option and placing it in startup (recommended in pi-hole docker github here: https://github.com/pi-hole/docker-pi-hole/issues/327), but I'm getting denied permissions - not sure how to set them up on the script for this to work here. Any idea whether modifying lighttpd.conf is currently possible at all?