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  1. What is the path of the Homebridge Logs within the container? Does not seem to be /var/log which is what i thought was standard..??..
  2. Would it do this if I installed my plugins through the Config UI only and did not have the npm packages listed in the Docker setup variable? That’s the only “non standard “ thing I have done.
  3. With the HomeBridgeUI - Every time there is an update for the Docker, it wipes out my setup and I have to re-add everything or use the Config tool to recover a backup. When this is done, all the plugins return to a "new" state and have to be added back to their correct room, and I also lose all automations that were setup with them. Is there a way around this - or am I doing something wrong?
  4. looks like there are others out there that have appended their Plex Dockers to include this. If I was smarter, I would try, but I don't get this technical I still think it would be better to have this separate from Plex to call externally via a script.
  5. Agree DVR is now in PlexPass. Works great for me. Using HDHomerun. Just been looking for commercial skipping. I also agree with above. A more standalone docker for multi use with other apps might be ideal (myth,tvhead,Plex). Just run a post script out of your primary media center tool to call the other tool to splice and dice and return back to library.
  6. Anyone smarter than me capable to migrate the below into a Docker format?
  7. What did you see that showed a plugin clearing a dir. I'm assuming this could be a docket as well?
  8. Any other ideas from the logs anyone see's?
  9. You can log into console and type diagnostics and it will dump a zip file to you flash drive logs folder. Do that before you force a reboot.
  10. So. It happened again. Haven't been doing much on my system since I last rebooted it. Tried to log into the GUI this evening and got nothing. Some of my dockers were accessible but some were. It. This time I was able to get a log dump. Tried to reboot/power down via the console but got no response. Anyone see anything? I'm at a loss.
  11. Curious if anyone has a thought as to what I could be having going on. I have a system, generally runs fine w/o any issues.Recently, I seem to be having the system completely lock up. Cannot access the GUI. I can access via TELNET, but a powerdown command does absolutely nothing. The terminal screen responds saying its going down for a reboot, but nothing happens. Some dockers will still work (like Sickbeard or CP) but others like PLEX or SABNZB never return. I end up having to force a reboot by holding the power button. What seems to be the common theme is that It locks up when im browsing files via OSX Finder. Maybe more when im crawling through Picture folders and it is trying to render thumbnails. I have to admit, in OSX mounting a volume and going through files seems to be SLOW. I stopped using AFP a while ago from older versions of unRAID as that seemed to cause my unRAID to lock up a LOT. No, I dont have logs, i keep forgetting to get them when it locks up. I will have to remember to do that next time. But figured Id see if anyone has come across this. Appreciate any feedback.
  12. Weird. I am migrating to this Docker for Couchpotato. Was working fine on the previous docker. Put in the Prowl API value, but each test fails. Says to check the logs. The logs say nothing but sending test to test.prowl.api. No other errors. Just "fails". Even generated a new API code. Just somewhat weird. WIll have to dig into it.
  13. Is there a know issue with this docker and setting up Prowl notifications?
  14. Yes...MCE is what i was after. My current setup is not ideal for VMs, so was looking for a linux/unix based solution that could be in a Docker to run on unRaid. Simplicity, i guess.
  15. I'm not looking to pass much if anything to the VM. I really just want to run a basic version of windows inside my machine and then RDP into it and automate some tasks