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  1. great interview @spencerJ and it was so good getting to know our favorite tutorial star. thanks for sharing
  2. nevermind I found a YouTube video. it's not in english but it did the trick
  3. hi newbie here to unraid installed this and login in fine. how do i see my shared folders. i tried added it in the host section no luck. Is the an installation/configuration doc some place i can look at, please and thank you
  4. Synology has SFTP built right in. I went to my unraid setting ftp and enabled it. then mounter the Unraid ftp inside my synology. now I can copy my files Message #general
  5. hi folks. I have a borrowed box now. I've moved the empty 8T to the Box2 along with my Unraid USB. what aps and or configurations can I do to eith connect my Synology DSM to Unrand or Unraid to the DSM
  6. neither of them are virtual. if i made the unraid virtual would that option still work? if so how to I install unraid virtual onto the same machine? My only other option. I was thinking of doing was borrowing my friend's server, take his drives out. Start with my 1st 8T in his to copy another 8T over then pull that out of mine and into his to do the same. I think he has a 4 bay. once I have 4 all copied over. can I take them out and put them back into mine for it to still work with the same unraid usb?
  7. sorry, I'm confused then LOL. When you say "Using network transfer file." is that what you mean or is this an application. I have one 8 TB free in my DSM. I was hoping I could instal the unraid OS then start transferring my data from the other volumes one volume at a time until they were all configured to the unraid os. I"m open to suggestions, keeping in mind I'm a newbie, so I require details, please
  8. so to confirm, please. I'd have to transfer all my data off the DSm to external first then install Unraid and transfer all the files back?
  9. I have over 30 TB of files. How do I migrate over without losing my data. Is this even possible?
  10. Would it be safe to plug the unraid usb in to see what files on the volumes are recognize?
  11. all my drives are basic btrfs volumes. I wanted to know how I migrate from this DSM, xpenology USB memory stick, to Unraid usb stik. I'm assuming I simply shut down my DSM, unplug my xpenology usb and plug in the formatted unraid usb. My main concern is I don't lose any of my files. Any suggestion, please