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  1. You should move over to containarrr/watchtower
  2. It was complaining about not being GMT+0, so I added TZ=GMT+0 into the environment to resolve it also. unraid passes the local TZ by default it seems. Thanks!!
  3. Snapshots don't work for me. in logs after a successful backup; 2019-12-23 12:51 information: commited changes from snapshot for /mnt/user/domains/Linux/vdisk1.img on Linux. 2019-12-23 12:52 information: forcibly removed snapshot /mnt/user/domains/Linux/vdisk1.snap for Linux. Backups successful, check attached device is still called snap; # virsh domblklist 6 Target Source ----------------------------------------------- hdc /mnt/user/domains/Linux/vdisk1.snap Looks like this. # ls -la total 13294048 drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 76
  4. Try removing dynamix.plg
  5. Aaaaand thanks to lime tech for the release notes advising my upgrade / patching is now a morning of recreating a heap of custom docker containers.
  6. Now runs as uid 99 and changes the login name for uid 99 to the $C9USER value at boot.
  7. Cloud9 is a web IDE from https://c9.io/ Image is phusion latest and uses nodejs 5 Template @ https://github.com/quimnut/unraid-docker-templates Dockerfile @ https://github.com/quimnut/dockerfiles/tree/master/cloud9ide I just wanted to try it out really. There is a user/pass in the advanced view.
  8. BrewPi is a fermentation/temp control system that utilises an Arduino and (typically) a Raspberry Pi, but as we don't like wasting money on slow single purpose computers, an esp8266 can provide the interface between the Arduino and docker container for the same result. To use this container you will require a BrewPi controller http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=466106 You will also need to make a wifi to serial bridge for it http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=542296 https://github.com/quimnut/unraid-docker-templates You need to add mappings to 2 local files
  9. +1, we don't care for a GUI just include 8021q in the kernel, we can do the rest becuase we already need to. It's been asked for before. https://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=6404.0
  10. The use case for this feature would be something like joining your coax network to your twisted pair network. A couple of users might just turn this on becuase they want to lazily use any ethernet port they have without caring. The majority of users would be using the bridge to put vm's on the primary network in which case the default behaviour is illogical and all that is needed is the primary interface. Anyway it's not a big deal as we all just use the go script to work around this. Can you help me understand why this is a feature in its current form and who would use it for what p
  11. That's the same as what I'm doing, but bridging physical interfaces is a defect, you dont go plugging switch ports together. Also I saw some unanswered requests for 8021q from 2013, then was surprised to see vxlan get in the last release.
  12. unRAID OS Version: 6.0-rc3 Description: When selecting setup bridge in network settings, the behaviour is to add both eth0 and eth1 to br0. This is not a typical scenario and for those of us that use bridges due to the lack of 8021q support end up bridging 2 ports of a managed switch. Expected use of this feature is to add vnics from vm's not bridge physical networks. How to reproduce: yes to setup bridge Expected results: eth0 is the only member of br0 Actual results: br0 is bridging eth0 and eth1 Other information: 8021q support compliments virtual networking rather