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  1. I'm getting "Access Denied by server" errors when trying to browse Albums. I can browse genre and artist OK but Albums throws an error - any ideas? I'm also trying to set the server name using the "friendly_name" variable in the config file but the name still shows as MiniDLNA. Also tried setting as a container variable but again, no luck. Great work by the way. Another vote here for DSD support - hopefully a stable release becomes available soon!
  2. Also running into the 2 account issue. Tried restarting/reinstalling a couple of times but no luck. I'm a long time unRAID user but new to v6 & Dockers... this was my first attempt at running a docker. Is there a way to rate or flag dockers as non-functional so they don't appear in the CA list?
  3. For a moment I thought you were pointing me in the direction of obtaining historical logs! For anyone that's interested, I've performed SMART tests etc on the missing disk and have not been able to identify any issues. Server is operating as it always did. I've precleared the new disk and will be replacing the (non)missing disk with it soon. Would there be any preference to upgrading to the latest version before rebuilding on to the new disk or after. If it matters, I'm still on a v5 RC. Otherwise, the topic can be closed.
  4. Hi, I've suffered issues with my server not responding on the web interface after a while of being online (sleeping daily and woken when needed). I can usually then log in via SSH and attempt a safe power down but that usually also freezes. (But that's a topic for another day.) At this point, unfortunately, it's a hard reset - which I had to do on Tuesday night. Server rebooted and at some point on Wednesday night, I noticed my shares were missing (presume the automatic parity check failed). Logging into the interface I noticed one of my disks was reported as missing... also notice
  5. As I understand it, you cannot copy files from the parity disk as it is not formatted the same as the data disks. I think your only option is to rebuild the data disk based on the parity information you have. Then if you wish, replace the parity disk for one of the new ones you have. (You could aways mirror the parity disk onto the new precleared disk first - but then you'd only be adding another (unnecessary) step into the process, and would be using the exact same parity information.)
  6. Hoping for some help - I'm trying to research an issue but my home internet is down and the works connection is heavily firewalled - so please accept my apologies if this has been discussed previously. I manually ran a routine "no correct" paritycheck from SF 1.0.11 (on RC11) overnight on Wednesday. On returning home, my syslog showed >1500 (or >15000, forgive my poor memory) parity errors but also showed a line stating "check CORRECT". Trying to debug, I ran another "no correct" parity check from SF. When the page refreshed, the status changed to show the check is in progres
  7. If your'e trying to install the 3 packages listed, I would use the following lines in your Go script instead: installpkg /boot/packages/libelf-0.8.13-i486-2.txz installpkg /boot/packages/utempter-1.1.5-i486-1.txz installpkg /boot/packages/screen-4.0.3-i486-3.txz I personally installed Screen using unMenu though so I wouldn't know if the above would be all you need to install Screen.
  8. I use Putty on the PC so can't confirm your exact steps but try : I use ConnectBot on Android to also connect to the unRAID box and had a similar error message to yours when attempting to re-attach to screen. If I remember, I changed the emulation mode to xterm.
  9. You need to change your emulation options, which terminal client are you using?
  10. BTW... The wiki post at should help
  11. Just type "screen".. This will start a new session, where you can launch the preclear script. Once running, detach the screen session using Ctrl+A, Ctrl+D.
  12. An explanation from Joe L would be nice. I believe he also wrote the cache dirs script, I assume he wants that removed as well? I still see the preclear package in the download. .... Sent from my SGH-T889 using Tapatalk 2 the plugin might still be avail, but the program download is no longer avail that the plugin looks for.... Myk I hope it wasn't because of any bugs or issues running preclear from SF as I'm currently clearing disks with it now. I personally have found this a great and easy way of running preclear and getting status updates.
  13. I believe the standard for the new plugin architecture for unRAID 5 will have plugins at /boot/plugins and not /boot/config/plugins. Plus it keeps your config files seperate from plugins.
  14. This is also noticable in the syslog when the array is not started - repeated messages in the syslog from emhttp and the kernal - this is known for 1.0.5 & 10.11 and also I believe the standard Webgui.