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  1. I'll apologize in advance if this has already been asked/resolved, but I didn't find anything in the thread that seemed to answer my question. Is there a way to have the backups run on a set schedule? Currently have it set to backup every 2 hours but was hoping to find a way to have it back up at the same time(s) each day so I know it will save our playgroups progress after everyone gets off for the evening since we typically play during the same time frame each day. If this has already been answered, please direct me to the info I need to set this up. I know Crafty4 has this available but prefer to avoid the overhaul if possible. Thanks everyone!
  2. I completely understand that is par for the course with this thread. I'd be happy to purchase the game for you if that's what will get it working. How do I go about donating to the cause or gifting it to your Steam account? It's on sale until Mar 3rd so I'd be eager to get this done while the sale is still going on. Thank you! Looking forward to the results!
  3. Hello. There is a new game on Steam that just released on 2/24 called Longvinter. It allows for hosting private servers but all the guides I've found are for windows machines. Would you be willing to see if this can be made into a container for Unraid use? I can share the windows guide I found if it would be helpful. Ich777, keep up the great work and contributions to the Unraid community! I know I'm not the only one who would be absolutely lost without your efforts!