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  1. All you guys are most helpful and I really do appreciate you guys taking the time to explain things to me. Makes being part of the unRAID community worthwhile. Thank You
  2. Parity is always written when a drive in the array is written. This is a good thing because it means you don't have to do anything to stay protected at all times. Most of us just run the parity check once a month as a test. The parity should always be correct if everything is working perfectly. It does slow down writes though, because in order to write the correct parity it has to read the data that is being overwritten and read the corresponding parity, recalculate the parity based on the difference between the old and new data, and then write the data and write the parity. This reduced write speed is one of the main reasons for a cache disk. It is not part of the parity protected array and so is written at normal disk speed. The cached data is then written to the parity protected array at some later time (the middle of the night) when it is more convenient. Thanks Trurl, I understand now. I think I will wait till I can install my cache drive, much safer and would rather go the recommended route. Cheers guys
  3. The vast majority of people who run unraid use parity, so normally writing to a data disk involves the parity disk. If you don't want to use parity, why are you running unraid? I am running parity but what I mean is the check is not happening automatically, dont I need to engage check and write corrections manually? or is this happening constantly in the background?
  4. There will be 2 drives spinning vs 1. Really? but If I assign those data folders to disk 2 for example. Why would any other disk spin? Im not running parity during this time. I really need to hurry up and setup a cache SSD drive.
  5. Thats awesome, but can I ask why its not ideal to have the plugin_data on share drive? instead of cache. This will only be temporary for me I guess.
  6. Hi Guys, I have installed all the plugins I would like to use, this includes: Plex Media Server Transmission Airvideo Server Now all these plugins request an install or data directory. I've done some research and have been advised that it is best to make these directories on cache drives. I have not setup a cache drive on my build yet but I would like to start using these plugins prior to setting this up in the next 2 weeks. My question is, can I not set these directories up on one of array disks? And how would your setup look, what is the directory path e.g. /mnt/etc etc ?? Please help this noob out Thank You Justin
  7. A disk needs to be outside the array to preclear, it's part of my procedure. Install disk Check detected in webgui Make sure removed from array and take note of serial number Run the preclear list command Run the preclear on drive Insert into array Your adding into array, so no drives available?
  8. Thanks alot Joe L & trurl Installed screens and everything is good
  9. Try and have a spare (precleared) drive on hand. That 30+ hour wait time after one of your drives fails seems more like 60+. I just added a 3TB parity drive and now I need to keep a look out for a good deal on a shelf-spare. I like the idea of having a separate box to preclear drives and test plugins. Best of luck with your system! Cheers man, u too I'll try and grab a spare ASAP. Wanted to ask, are any of you guys per clearing through telnet, what happens when the session dies?
  10. Man reading this post got me worried. I doubt all your drives are dead, this is unrealistic.
  11. Thats awesome news Hopefully this thread helps better unRAID. I support this as well, simple GUI is what unraid should be in standard form. Please consider this Tom, easy transition
  12. So what speeds are you getting now? interested to know
  13. I've had this exact same issue. Me too man, had to run the installpkg on each one, 11 out of 11
  14. Just built my first unRAID nas server using the Asus P8H77-I which is nothing short of awesome. Beautiful motherboard
  15. I think one cycle is enough for me man, it takes 30+ hours for 1 drive only 3TB. If I do 3 cycles it would take 90hours to preclear, that sounds like overkill in my opinion
  16. Thanks Tom, new guy on the block and loving unRAID
  17. It needs to be sexy, dead sexy. That is all Thanks to your SimpleFeatures Plugin, unRAID looks alot better. The interface is the second most important factor when choosing a NAS software, obviously stability is number one. SimpleFeatures Web GUI was the first plugin I installed when I purchased my unRAID license. On a positive note, Im just starting off since Monday, peiced together my 6 drive unraid nas and I have not encountered any major issues with the limited knowledge I have, so far so happy with unraid. If only pre-clearing drives didnt take 30hours+ for 3TB thats standard I guess
  18. SimpleFeatures webgui should really be the standard skin for unraid. This is coming from a newbie point of view but the website should have more screenshots and videos. This product is gold, lift the appeal
  19. Is your data important or easily replaceable? Also if you don't use preclear then when you add a disk to the array the whole array will be unavailable while unRAID writes zeros to the drive. The time will vary based on drive size but for a 2TB drive it will likely be ~9 hours. If you preclear it first your array stays available while the drive is being precleared. The other reason to preclear a drive is to exercise a drive to find a bad drives. Most drives die within the first ~100 hours or run to their warranty period or longer. Thanks man for the details, I'm new here and learning all the time. So I guess I'll stop being impatient and just preclear all my drives This is going to take 1 - 2 weeks to have up and running with plugins shares per clears etc but slow and steady wins the race I guess.
  20. Only thing is ATV2 Jailbroke with XBMC cannot handle 1080p MKV very well. I'm holding out with fingers crossed for the ATV3? Can't wait
  21. New to unraid, pre clearing takes so long. Is it really necessary guys?
  22. Thanks for the confirmation guys I ended up opting for the Bitfenix Prodigy case in Black, has space for 5 x 3.5" Drives. After opening my Lian Li PC-Q08B I remembered how I did quite like the way the motherboard is mounted, everything is compact, by no means do I think its the worst design. I like the way the hdd rack is built. Also, Im using a Antec Earthwatts EA380 PSU which is very energy efficient from what I have read. I cant wait to get my nas up and running and once again, appreciate everyones help.
  23. I'm new and have gone against most suggestions here, fix the memory issue before releasing the final. That's only my opinion