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  1. Hmmm for some reason... changes in theme park are not changing my UI?
  2. Thanks, no wonder my disks are not automatically spinning down. Is Never the default value? I just changed it to 3 hours and will test and report back overnight. What does everyone else set this as? 1 hr, 4, hrs...
  3. This is something I noticed recently as well... my disks never spin down unless I initiate it manually. Open files shows no shares accessed, only cache... hddtemp disabled from grafana-unraid-stack docker. I checked Disk Settings and Default spin down delay: is set to Never. I have not touched this setting at all! does never mean, never spin disk down or 0 mins delay to spin down. Could that be something enabled by default since 6.9.2?
  4. Thanks, glad I'm not alone... I've been experiencing a few technical issues with plex docker and my shield tv (seperate to this issue). Thought I would take the dive into 6.10.... ☺️
  5. Hi guys, I upgraded to 6.10 RC1 and immediately after reboot I received the "cannot find bond0" error and subsequently I was not able to get an IP from my router. Rolled back to 6.9.2 using the files from the previous folder and rebooted... back online. Is this a bug? (diagnostics attached). horizonlab-diagnostics-20210811-1813.zip
  6. Change to vmxnet3 worked for me too, thanks for the fix.... for anyone else that finds this thread (take note) 👍 👍 👍
  7. Hi Guys, Can someone please look into my diagnostics for issues with my VM? every day I go into my Unraid GUI and notice that my Win 10 VM has crashed. I didn't want to provide brief information so I have attached my diagnostics. Your help appreciated. Thanks, Juzzo horizonlab-diagnostics-20210724-1821.zip
  8. Im running an i5 8400 cpu which is plenty for a win10 vm. By the way my smb transfer seems to be capped to 4mb/s when trying to transfer a 4K MKV video file. Seems a lot different from the issues reported here... are you guys seeing slow transfer for large files or small files only?
  9. I recently found this thread too.. my write speeds from win10 vm to unraid shares is capped at 2MB/s per transfer... very slow
  10. Thanks for your reply! How should I manage my disk usage efficiently when I can't see the true reflection of used space? Is there a point where it will give me a population, insufficient space when writing to unassigned drive?
  11. Hi, Is it possible for me to change my username on the forum please? would like to change it to Juzzotec. Thanks