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  1. At the bottom of the Main tab and in the parity check history, I think it would be helpful to show if it was correcting/non-correcting. I can be scatterbrained at times and for instance a month ago I had a few parity errors come up after a power outage. So I ran a correcting parity check. All is well. Tonight, a month later, I just happen to glance and see "Last check completed on xx/xx/xx, finding 518 errors." Look at history, two checks ran within a couple days, both finding 518 errors. Took me a minute to remember running the correcting parity check. After running the correcting check I had neglected to run another check to ensure 0 errors. Long story short, would be nice to see if a check was correcting or not so if something like that happens again its easy to know whether a correcting or non-correcting check should be ran.
  2. I've been away from the community for too long, didn't know that existed!
  3. Went ahead and modified the notify script to suit my needs. Posted about it here
  4. I recently had a need/want to have the system send an email to my wife's email address when her SD cards were finished backing up to the server. I use Unassigned Devices to fire off a script when she inserts the card into the server that backs up the card to a server share. But she wouldn't know when it was done unless I had her email address in the notification settings. She doesn't care to receive the usual system notifications such as parity checks, temp warnings, etc. And I don't care to receive the notifications when her card is done backing up. But unless I interacted with ssmtp directly, I didn't have much choice. So I modified the Notify script to allow a little more flexibility, posting here in case it helps anyone else. Really simple change that doesn't affect current functionality, maybe the update can be included in the next release of unraid? List of changes: Line 22: Updated example usage Line 30: Explanation of option Line 50: Added recipients to function parameters Lines 54-57: If -r flag was used and an email address was provided, use that. If not, use the default email list from the notification settings Line 167: Add 'r' option Lines 186-188: Add case for 'r' option Line 203: pass in list of recipients to generate_email function So if my notification settings are set to send the emails to, in the backup script when I fire off a notification I pass in '-r ""' which now overrides the default email in the notification settings and only sends it to her. Currently of course, you would need to add a line in your go file or if you are using the user scripts plugin you could add it there as well and set it to run at array start. The notify script resides at '/usr/local/emhttp/webGui/scripts/notify' If you had the new notify script saved to /boot/scripts/ you would add this to the go file (or user script) cp /boot/scripts/notify /usr/local/emhttp/webGui/scripts/notify notify
  5. I would like to +1 this and also, in keeping with the same request, make the types of notifications more granular as well. What I'm thinking is I'd like for unraid to be able to notify different users of events that may be of interest to them. For instance, my wife backs up her memory cards to the server after each photo shoot. I currently use Unassigned Devices to automate the backing up process for her. But my server doesn't have a speaker so I can't have it beep for her to know its done. Plus it can take some time to back up the photo's so she isn't always near the server to hear it. So currently I have the email notifications setup and the script sends out a notification, which works. The issue here, which is more of a minor annoyance, is any email listed in the notifications will receive that email. I would like for only her to receive the email. I think this could also be expanded for other things. Another example could be if the server is recording a tv show, you could setup a post recording script that sends a notification/email to interested parties that something was just recorded. So two ways I was thinking this could work: 1) Adding custom events with their own recipient lists, the main email notification settings could keep the recipients list that is there which could act as a default if no recipients were added for the custom events. This would require a few changes to how the notify script works, I believe mainly just checking if the event has its own recipients and using that instead of default. 2) Modify the notify script to add a recipients argument that when present overrides the default list. Could also add a flag that lets it ignore the dashboard notifications as well. Either of these would open up the capability of the built-in notification system to be used by other applications and scripts that users may run.
  6. I tried to search through previous requests and didn't find anything similar. Also not sure if this is an issue most other users run across or if its a special use-case scenario. When the amount of docker containers start to add up it creates a long page of containers. I was wondering if it was possible to add pagination to the containers page to keep things tidy and reduce the visual clutter.
  7. Updating to PS 4.0 now, if that doesn't work I'll make the changes and see where that leaves me. Thanks for the help, I've got zero powershell experience so your saving me a lot of googling, lol. I know I could script something on the linux side but I don't want to mess with installing the needed packages to get that info. Mainly all of the dependencies for ffmpeg!
  8. Not sure, lol. I'll check tonight when I get home. I did end up getting it to run but it ran for hours and it never finished fetching the files, I think I got it stuck in an endless loop. Edit: just dialed in and checked. I'm on 2.0, I'll update and try again tonight.
  9. Getting an error that the parameter -Directory cannot be found? Ok, changed that to recurse which seemed to work. Now getting the attached errors.
  10. Thanks, looks like thats exactly what I need!
  11. I have a mixture of DVD movies and Blu-Ray movies on my server, I think I have most of them sorted but to save from checking every movie does anyone have a script they use to list all media files in a directory with the file name, extension and video/audio codecs? I initially searched for anything that wasn't mkv and went through those, but I've ran across a few MKV's that I ripped a long time ago (when I only had ONE storage drive!) that in order to save space I ripped with lower quality audio losing 5.1 to stereo.
  12. Alright, I removed the *.tmp and /tmp exclusions from the config until I can find what update stopped them from working correctly. In the meantime if you delete anything from the temp directory or a temp file you will need to remove them from the BIN manually. Not a huge deal as I suspect many people don't create/delete temp files often. Just delete /boot/config/plugins/vfs_recycle/config/smb-extra.conf, redownload the plugin and install. Should be good to go. Now the fact that the config pages no longer show up I'll still need to look at. I suspect the file path has changed.
  13. Just tested and I'm seeing the same results as you. I'll look into it and see what changed.
  14. If i were you I would go with the best cpu in your price range. You don't have to use the processing power but it's good to have if you do need it down the road. Yes you can always upgrade later but then that will cost you more and unless you have extra compatible hardware or buy more you will have a cpu collecting dust. Take me for example, I was in the same boat, a few media pcs with one being the storage computer that held all of my harddrives. I built my first unraid server and went low budget because I didn't need all of the back end processing power, my htpcs could handle the formats natively. But it wasn't long before I wanted to do more with the server and needed more power so I ended up upgrading my processor and now I have a barely used lower end processor sitting in my underwear drawer in the packaging my newer faster processor came in. If think you will go past the number of sata ports the mb has I would make sure your pick has atleast one pcie 4x slot or higher. Right now I'm back in the same boat as before, I have a perfectly good motherboard but now I've expanded past the number of ports I have and I don't have room for another expansion card. So now I'm looking for a new motherboard. Basically my advice is thid: before you make your purchase think long and hard about what you want out of the server. Will 6 harddrives be enough for you? With the growing capacities it may very well be enough. Are you going to stick with the media pcs or are you possibly going to replace them with more apple tv devices or rokus. If so more processing power will be needed. I used htpcs exclusively until I built the server. Then I bought a roku to check it out. Now there is one in every room. Again, think about what you will want in a year or two and build accordingly. A little bit extra now can save you in the long run.