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  1. Im not familiar with those terms, are they processes I should be following to obtain information? The error screen is a black screen that says "Boot Error". I'm thinking I need to just start all over again, assuming the data on my array is safe.
  2. Hi All, I recently tried to update from the GUI, from 6.8.1 to 6.8.2. Since then, I cannot boot the server. I have connected it to a monitor and can see that immediately after my SAS>SATA controller detects drives OK, the Unraid boot goes immediately to "Boot Error". Nothing else to go on. I checked the USB in a PC, and followed a couple of threads, specifically: 1. Download old version and copy bzroot, bzconfig etc 2. Copy entire contents of previous folder on Flash drive to Root. Neither of these have worked. I don't want to say this publicly, but before anyone asks, my last backup of unRAID is on my last PC backup, which is on the array. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Yeah Im just trying to replapce the ca-cert.crt bundle in /usr/share/curl . That seems to be the path set when using the command to verify the SSL connection to the site, and the cert is clearly expired. IN other words, Im winging it! Thank you for your replies too.
  4. Thanks for this. Well yes I do connect to it via my browser pretty much daily, and especially now my automation is broken. It seems odd how it coincided directly to my backup/restore of app data. Currently I'm using a Chrome addon on my main PC to send torrents from HD-Torrents site to Transmission on Unraid. Same command as shown in screenshot below from my PC on the same network is successful. SO I think its Unraid server issue?
  5. HI All, I have an issue with Jackett, I just did a cache disk swap and restored my appdata and most docker containers are working as before, however Jackett I cannot add my indexer ( I use Sonarr, Jackett, Transmission in my setup. When I add HDT and enter my username password then click OK I get an SSL failure as seen in the attached capture. I can see the certificate has expired butI find it confusing that this certificate error occurs, and where this failure is caused as it only seems to affect Jackett. I felt it might be my browser or something local to the PC I was using so tried other laptops and its the same error. So, I'm pretty confused and am hoping someone can help me. I think I need to somehow renew the certificates on my Unraid server. Thank you in advance. This is the log -
  6. Thanks Guys, I've just changed the port and Ill go through the process of bringing the disk back to health, and monitor. I didnt realise the card had issues with comparability, it certainly worked faultlessly for 5 or so years but so much has changed in the software since you are probably right. I will look into a hardware refresh. I was surprised to see I'm not running latest - I used to get notification of new versions in the bottom bar of the console, seems that's not there anymore. Thanks again
  7. Hi All, Seeking advice on a recurring drive failure in my unRAID server. Disk 6 seems to fail after a period of time - normally days. I have replaced it twice with brand new drives and thought it was resolved but then the dreaded Red X appears. The drive is one of 4 connected to Port 1 of my SAS>SATA card. I replaced the SAS>SATA cable and replaced the drive (with same new replacement drive) and rebuilt from Parity. I thought it was ok but has failed again. To further isolate it, I want to change ports on the card. Does anyone know if I simply change the Port on the SAS card to port 2, will that change be picked up by unRAID and will it cause issues with the drive assignment etc? Also curious, if I just run the NAS with Disk 6 in the storage emulated mode for a long period of time, what is the implication? Risk of loss of data on disk 6, or total loss of data due to the invalid state of the array and parity? I think its the latter but as I can't seem to resolve this issue I need to know. EDIT: The card is a Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 Thank you
  8. Hi All, I am experiencing repeated failures of Disk 6 in my array. Initially I thought it was a one off, and several months back replaced the drive. Been running OK for almost 2 months on the new drive then it also failed. I replaced it with a new 6TB WD Red about 2 weeks ago, precleared and installed and was all ok but now it also displays the Red X. This particular drive is one of 4 Connected to my Supermicro SAS>SATA Card. Along the way I have checked and replaced the cable, now I'm thinking it must be the Card that is at fault. Seems a little bit odd, before I try swapping that out, could there be anything software related in unRAID that I should be checking first? I attached a diagnostics from prior to the drive failing and also one from now that it has failed. Thanks all
  9. Aah ok, aside from the misunderstanding of the way parity works, I was mostly worried that the parity swap would do a parity rebuild. Thank you for the help, now the long journey begins....preclear has started
  10. Thanks trurl, I guess Im not doing exactly what that process speaks of, in that im not re-using the old parity as a data disk. I think if I was there would be no issue as the new parity drive is larger than the old one. I assume, probably incorrectly, that when a disk says Contents Emulated, it means the data on the parity drive is being referenced as the data for that disk? If so, I am assuming when the parity is rebuild from disk data, I'd lose my faulty disk data.
  11. Hi Guys, Ive just read the process online for this (, I just have a question before I take the plunge. I currently have a failed data disk (3TB) and am taking the opportunity to upgrade the parity to 6TB and replace the faulty data disk with a 6TB also. As the existing data disk is faulty and says 'Contents Emulated', am I at risk of losing all of the disks data if I go about this process in the wrong order? ie if I swap out the parity, it will rebuild from the data drives, but drive 6 is faulty. So do I need to do the disk replace first, but unable to use the 6TB? Apologies if this is a stupid question I just dont want to risk the data loss. Thanks
  12. Hi guys, I have just noticed I have a hard disk out. It is relatively new drive (WD RED 3.0TB) and the most recent drive I added, it was about 3months ago. Anyway it has a red x on it and says 'Disabled - Contents Emulated'. I have checked all the connections, restarted the array and the server itself but the drive still appears offline. My question is how do I get additional details on the failure? Do I just accept it is a dead drive and replace it? Are there some troubleshooting steps I can go through. I notice the status of the array is 'Started -Array Unprotected'. This concerns me, I didn't think the array would be unprotected so long as the parity was ok? Unfortunately (or perhaps in a way fortunately) in over 20 years of computing I haven't had a drive fail, and for that reason I haven't kept proof of purchase, so I am really hoping this drive is ok. Unraid 6.2.1 (will update once I solve this) I've attached the diagnostics archive. Thanks for your help. EDIT: the disk in question is sdi - WDC_WD30EFRX-68EUZN0_WD-WCC4N6USTZ0N - 3 TB (sdi)
  13. Hi there, do you mean no one uses easy-rsa? I don't know if it comes as a container but it used to be a part of the openvpn install by default. If there is another way to achieve certificate based authentication via openvpn I'd more than happy to go with that? Cheers
  14. Hi All, Can anyone please tell me how to get easy-rsa installed to suport my openvpn-as install? I have the vpn working fine with login credientials but want to move to certificate based authentication. Also for my understanding, are the certs in the WEB SERVER menu of openvpn specifically relating to the Web UI and not related to Server/Client certificates for VPN users? I need to be able to issue certs for VPN users on mobile devices. Cannot seem to get easy-rsa working. THanks Simon
  15. Hi All, A terribly bad question I'm sure but Im trying to setup OpenVPN and wish to set it up as a CA. I've installed the container, and can access the admin page. I am following the OpenVPN setup guide here - - but am unable to locate the easy-rsa directory in my Unraid server. I assume as it is installed as a docker container the instructions on the setup guide are probably not 100% accuate but I cannot seem to find any easy-rsa directory and hence cannot proceed with generating certificates etc, Can anyone point me in the right directions please? The version installed is 2.0.20, so I *think* easy-rsa should be included. Thanks