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  1. Any chance for a Luna-Multiplayer (Kerbal Space Program Mod) App? Your docker containers are very easy to configure and update which is really nice.
  2. I was being dumb and not editing the docker template correctly. The Docker works fine. Thanks
  3. So if I leave the ports on the default of 27015 and 27016 it works, but if I change them in both the docker-edit and in the server settings to 27018 and 27019 I cant connect to the server. I've checked and UDP ports are forwarded. I've also tried 27215 and 27216 with no luck.
  4. Is anyone else running into issue with the Barotrauma docker? If I manually enter the IP I can find the server in the browser but I cant connect. There is this section of the docker logs that has an error Initializing GameScreen [?1h=[6n[39;49m[37mSelected sub: Azimuth [39;49m[30m[6n [9;1H[8;1H[39;49m[37m[6ndlopen failed trying to load: with error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory [S_API] SteamAPI_Init(): Loaded '/serverdata/serverfiles/.steam/sdk64/' OK. (First tried local '') CAppInfoCacheReadFromDiskThread took 6 milliseconds to initialize Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 602960 [S_API FAIL] Tried to access Steam interface SteamNetworkingUtils003 before SteamAPI_Init succeeded. [39;49m[37mSelected shuttle: Hemulen [39;49m[32m[6/26/2022 11:53:42 PM] Starting the server... [39;49m[32m[6/26/2022 11:53:42 PM] Using Lidgren networking. Manual port forwarding may be required. If players cannot connect to the server, you may want to use the in-game hosting menu (which uses SteamP2P networking and does not require port forwarding). [39;49m[32m[6/26/2022 11:53:43 PM] Server started