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  1. Interesting! And how about the IOMMU groups on this board? Can you decipher any information for them from the block diagram?
  2. Ohhhh!!! So how would one got about adding another M2 slot or two if needed? Would that be possible via some sort of extension card in one of the PCI 4 slots? Would it still be fast? Im really bad at reading block diagrams. Would you be able to tell from the diagram if all of the PCI slots and the M2 SSD slot would be getting their own IOMMU groups? Or are some of them grouped together? (Or does a block diagram not even tell you this?)
  3. Same. My only hope is to find someone with this board that is doing something similar. I was really set to buy this one until just now. Lol
  4. Dang it. That makes this board a little less desirable for me. yes you can but for gaming it is best to pass the bare metal m2 card for maximum speed. It’s quite a bit faster that way. I’m actually surprised how limited the IOMMU groups are on this board compared to my current Asus board. TBH I’m also confused why all the M2’s are in the same group. I thought the first M2 slot was CPU direct and the others on the chipset. I thought that for sure would make them separate groups. But then again I really don’t know too much about IOMMU and how it all works.
  5. Thank you so much!!! Seems like it’s bad news for me, though. Appears like all of the SATA and M2 devices are all in group 4, right? I can’t really spot your Crucial P3 M2, though. Is it part of group 4 as well?
  6. Could you post images of your tools -> system devices output from Unraid? Like my screenshots attached? I should be able to gather some information from that I think. Thank you!
  7. This is FANTASTIC!! By any chance could you shed some light on the IOMMU groupings of this board? Will it be possible to pass the PCI 5.0x16, one of the PCI 4.0 and the main M2 drive to a VM separately? I would like to bind those to the VM but non of the documentation has block diagrams.
  8. Yeah so on paper this board looks really nice! Just need to figure out the IOMMU grouping. Are you going to purchase it?
  9. I’m building this as a Plex/gaming vm so I’d put an RTX 4070 into the PCI 5.0x16 CPU slot. Then for the other slots I’d really only need one 10GB Ethernet card and one USB 3 extension card (to pass through to my VM) and maybe in the future another SATA extension card for spinning hard drives. So no SSD storage would go into any of the PCI slots. my biggest worry is the IOMMU configuration, though. As I can’t find anything on this and I need to pass a couple of things into my VM. (Graphics card, usb3 extension card, and one of the M2 drives)
  10. I love that the ASRock has more PCI slots! Can they all be used at the full bandwidth, at the same time, though? Or will there be some sort of bottlenecks when all PCI slots and M2 slots are used? That would be my concern. Also do we know how well the ASRock would do with virtualization? Are the IOMMU groups known?
  11. So I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts about ECC RAM vs “regular” RAM on this board. I was looking at the G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5-6400. How much faster would this be for gaming compared to the 4800 ECC? Also, if you go with the ECC RAM can you still overclock the CPU via XMP profiles or is that only possible with faster RAM? I’m basically going to use my Unraid machine as my Plex server and virtual Gaming machine. So I’m unsure which way to go in regards to RAM.
  12. that’s encouraging to hear. Hopefully someone with the full ATX Version can chime in as well. Hoping all the PCI slots will have their own IOMMU group as well. I also saw the board has 4 DDR RAM slots. Is it okay to just populate two of them or should you always populate all 4? Most DDR kits come in a set of two.
  13. Hey guys, I’m also considering this board for my Plex/VM gaming machine but I have some questions about the IOMMU groupings. I’d like to pass (bind) the following directly to my VM: - RTX 4070 located in PCI 5.0x16 slot - USB 3 card located in PCI 3.0x1 slot - One of the three M2 slots (for bare metal SSD access on the VM) Then I’d like to use the two remaining PCI 3.0x4 slots for a 10G network card and a SATA expansion card. Those two would be used by the Unraid OS, though, and NOT passed on the the VM. Would that be possible with this board? I can’t find any schematics that outline the IOMMU groupings. Any help would be greatly appreciated! PS: and just to confirm it is possible to use the IPMI card while using the igpu for Plex transcoding and the RTX4070 for my VM? A monitor would always be connected to the RTX4070 but it would be excluded from Unraid used (via binding to the VM)