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  1. No on 32bit...where 4.3.20 hadn't been updated previously...
  2. I followed this post, and compiled it myself If anyone wants to try it then here you go - I bear no responsibility for any damage this could cause - it worked for me that's all I'm saying - no support or anything offered...
  3. Any chance you could compile and upload 4.3.20 for 32bit UNRAID?
  4. Any ideas why this is happening...and any way to solve?
  5. I removed all packages and rebooted so everything installed fresh...and now it all works brilliantly. Thanks.
  6. serviio v5 not starting for me. I had the old serviio plugin running OK. Everything looks OK except it just won't come off STOPPED. It also has killed off my AirVideo plugin. <SNIP> Here is the contents of my /packages folder - I'm pretty sure I've got a few versions of java and ffmpeg now, I think this is causing the issue with AirVideo... <SNIP>
  7. Strange, my plugins install the same way as influencer plugins, so this custom gui is likely not using the normal methods / locations to check for the .page files. May want to ask about it on the dynamix thread to see if the dev knows why this would be. Sorry, just needed a reboot....all good now.
  8. FYI - I just installed Dynamix UI on my unRAID and all your (PhAzE) plugins stopped showing up (transmission/sabnzbd/sickbeard/mylarplex). They are all still working but they don't seem to be compatible with regards to the settings icons...
  9. yes I think there is, there is for me anyway...serviio is a well used app and has great android support. The current plugin works fine, but is just not being updated as new server packages are released. If you can get it so it has the same functionality as the current app but with an auto update function I think once done it can be ignored for the most may as well finish it now if you are that far along
  10. Great plugins mate, updated to your Plex, Transmission, Sickbeard and SabNZBd without a hitch.... Why do your plugins come under the Unplugged PLG heading on the Settings page? Isn't Unplugged Influencers naming convention? Also, why has AirVideo been scrubbed from your list? And how long until Serviio might hit?
  11. If you are taking requests, then the Serviio plugin needs an update - so would be great if you could add to your list, and AirVideo also, although that works fine on v5 currently...
  12. have you tried serviio and serviigo?
  13. no you don't need a sound driver but iTunes server doesn't work with iPads/iPods/iPhones. It only works with iTunes....