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  1. You can ignore this. My server wasn't hitting the internet. It was pointing to the address of my old router. Fixed that and everything seems to be working OK. Something really wrong went on during get_categories Post the ENTIRE contents of this message in the Community Applications Support Thread No data was returned. It is probable that another browser session has rebooted your server. Reloading this browser tab will probably fix this error should note that I have indeed reloaded the tab many times and also searched for other instances of browser tabs poi
  2. Was just reading about them in another thread and was looking at how to go about setting them up.
  3. Thanks again. I'll run one more parity check before I go back to taking this server for granted.
  4. The extended smart check on the parity drive returned no errors. So I guess I'm good to go?
  5. I've made the change and have started the extended smart test. I'll report back when I get the results. Thanks for all the help thus far.
  6. So I tried to do this but the only option seemed to be under sata emulation, where my choices were ide or raid. It was set to ide and I left it that way.
  7. My unraid rig (which has been running almost constantly for more years than I can remember,) died recently. It was accidentally unplugged, and the MB would not boot afterwards. I had an old Core2 Duo PC in the attic ( the old box had a celeron in it), and after dealing with a number of issues, was finaly able to boot the server on that box. My old rig consisted of 3 drives, a WD Red 3tb parity drive, a WD Blue data 3tb drive and a WD 750 gig data drive. The 750 was an IDE interface drive (told you it had been running for years) and the new MB didn't have an IDE interface. So I bought a new WD
  8. Final Update - and a question. My new nic arrived this afternoon. Popped it in and viola - everything back to normal. Now for the question - while trying to get the box up and running again I tried using a new usb key with a fresh install of 4.7. Being much new, the box booted noticeably faster, plus the new key is a 4gig vs. 512 meg I think on the old one. Are the upgrades in boot speed and memory going to make a big difference for me, especially as unraid moves towards the 5.0 version, and what should I be aware of if I do switch over to the new key? Thanks very much for the
  9. An update - so I shut down the box, went in to bios, re-enabled the onboard lan, plugged the net cable into the onboard port, rebooted. No lights on the port, not lights on the network switch port I was plugged in to. Shut down, went in to bios and disabled onboard lan, switched the cable back, rebooted, and still no sign of tower anywhere (however I do have lights on the card and the switch.)
  10. Actually, I do. The onboard port, which I do have disabled in bios, stopped working a few years back, and that is why I have the second port. I did double check that the onboard was disabled, and re-disabled it just in case. I even tried plugging the network cable into the onboard port, but got no status lights when I did so. Also, I just ordered a new nic, the Intel PWLA8391GT PRO/1000 GT PCI Network Adapter, which should arrive sometime tomorrow. I'm hoping that will solve the problem when I install it, in addition to giving me giga speeds again.
  11. Today I upgraded my basic unraid box from 4.3.x to 4.7. After upgrading I am unable to find my box at all. I type in tower, tower record comes up. I type in the ip address, and I get "the server is taking too long to respond." I hooked up a monitor and keyboard to my box so I could verify that it is booting, which it is, and to capture the syslog, which is attached. I also tried ethtool -i eth0 and was told it could give me no information because eth0 does not exist. Not sure what to do next. Any help would be appreciated. Fran syslog-2011-10-5-1615.txt
  12. Should I upgrade unraid to 4.4 before trying bubbaraid ..0.9 alpha? I've been working with unraid 4.3.3 and buba raid 0.7. thank you for all your help and all the effort you've put into bubbaraid. Fran
  13. Attached find two syslogs, the one calle syslog_unraid boot is from when I boot up by selecting unraid at the boot menu, and the one called syslog_bubbaraidboot is from when I let the machine boot itself into unraid. I hope these provide useful information. Thanks, Fran
  14. the reason I'm swapping back and forth is that I can't get unraid to run properly under bubbaraid. I swap to be sure unraid itself is still working properly. trust me, Once I have the thing up and running properly I don't touch it for months at a time. The problem is I can't get unraid running properly at the same time as bubbaraid. even when I reassign my disks, unraid still tells me that the configuration is not valid. The only option I may have to get unraid up and running properly under bubbaraid would be to do a restore, but I am reluctant to do this with unraid under bubbaraid apparentl