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  1. okay. This is all on my SAS connection I think in case someone else finds/reads this... [ 28.369041] mpt2sas_cm0: LSISAS2308: FWVersion(, ChipRevision(0x05), BiosVersion( All my disks are desktop disks so sata so only single channel and I only have a single SAS cable connected Single Link on Dell H310 (1200MB/s*) <=- not my controller but close enough to be honest 8 x 137.5MB/s 12 x 92.5MB/s 16 x 70MB/s 20 x 55MB/s 24 x 47.5MB/s At the moment my array is made up of 8 disks in the tray
  2. To be clear guys. Appreciate getting 100MB is not happening due to limitations of unraid/etc. The bit that's driving me insane is the process hang/io timeouts causing the apps to fail and losing 8-10hours of copy time while asleep. I am going to leave RCLONE on single/20MB/s tonight and see what happens but that's 3days of copy time but better than nothing.... Tried all the RX/TX and flow control settings tonight too on both the source and destination. It seems to all be down to threads, the second I do more than 1 parallel copy it explodes and dies. 1 copy, 1
  3. Hi everyone. Just looking for a quick reality check on anything I have missed or if there is anything I can tune to make this rocket a bit more as I have spent close to 5 days just trying to copy data in without hangs/timeouts. Some of my source shares have large files which are okay on single thread, as they spool up and max the link for 10-120seconds. Extremely large files which take longer than 4-5mins seems to choke the box's writes and the whole platform dies. Small files such as my photo galleries on single thread are fine, but millions of small files I
  4. Version: 6.9.0-rc2 Same Issues. Array crash overnight 1 x Windows VM on br0 (only VM) 4 x Dockers on br0 Just moved the VM to br1 on another physical NIC and monitoring. So far no issues.
  5. i had this issue too... any idea if there is a fix, my array shutdown is always dirty when power goes because of this.
  6. what sort of boot times do people have on this container? mines just flat out not starting and then cant restart/stop/kill it....
  7. oh. snap! yeah, going in via the user share layer really is a waste of time and complexity. I will just hit each disk up as its /mnt/disk1 with a top level folder for each of the mappings.. This means its just a folder sitting on the disks and unraid doesn't need to care... I am going to probably remove it from docker too and just run it as a local service on the OS as it does not then rely on the array to be up for docker to start.... As its just a binary I can pull it back even further. Thanks for waking me up from my blonde moment.
  8. I am coming back to unraid and part of my build is that I am going to use MINIO as a s3 backup target for everything I really care about. There is probably going to be a lot of duplicity backups for pictures and other data. The reason for this is that it has its own controls and management around data loss and bitrot which I want to have for all my family pictures, code and things. https://github.com/minio/minio/blob/master/docs/erasure/README.md At the moment I am just after if this seems like a logical way to set this up in relation to userShares as this is still a little ne
  9. release schedule sounds like Mikrotik.... sounds like its stable enough for me then and its not full of hard lockup crashes and data corruption.
  10. migrating everything from 3 synology nas units onto a 24 bay unraid box. at the moment on 6.8.3 stable but have a P400 card in there for transcode on plex. Its not critical to use it as my old transcode box can keep running but its preferred. how stable is 6.9.0-35 and whens it becoming stable? is it just a few days? weeks? months?
  11. Your guide assumes you have a cache drive, will the AIO package work without a cache drive?
  12. hoff

    WD Hard Drives

    I was already aware of the pin 7-8 issue on the WD drives. My brand new 4 came with the following sticker on the drives... Purchased in Australia, Good work WD. http://picasaweb.google.com.au/fifophone/DropBox#5478017321930471842