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  1. Thank you for the info. But for me, that doesn't fix it. 🤷‍♀️
  2. After a reboot, the Status of System AutoFan is "Stopped" and it won't start. I manually need to disable it. Then it's running again. After that, I need to enable it again. Newest Unraid and Plugin version.
  3. It was just for my inner Monk. It was all lowercase and didn't fit in my structure as I like it. 😅 And since there is an option, I used it. 🙂 But yes, I had to change a lot of paths, but that was ok for me. I was just confused that the default will not be used. Thank you for the explanation! In as little as two or three cases, my path was used. But I wasn't able to tell why. Now I know the "why". 🙂 Also, thank you again for helping me out to fix my docker. I'm still not a fan of how the docker containers are added and controlled in the UI, but this works better at the moment. An official and basic docker compose support, without the need of the CAs, would be great and a good compromise I think.
  4. Is it normal that the CAs ignore the "Default appdata storage location" i have set to "/mnt/user/System/appdata/"? When i want to install one everything is set to "/mnt/user/appdata/[+ca+subfolder]".
  5. Thank you. That helped to remove the old content. Then i will now install everything with CA. Hopefully everything is available. It's just so complicated instead of docker compose.... I hope there will be no more errors.
  6. What do you mean with "may be a good idea to try a docker image instead of folder"? And nuking the docker folder means really deleting the complete docker directory? After that it will be newly installed?
  7. Is there a way for this? I need the docker containers up and running.
  8. Yes homeserver-diagnostics-20230524-1739.zip
  9. And while trying to reboot the last time it wasn't a clean reboot. Unraid generated diagnostics. There Unraid had multiple entrys with May 24 17:40:16 HomeServer emhttpd: Unmounting disks... May 24 17:40:16 HomeServer emhttpd: shcmd (1275): /usr/sbin/zpool export ssd May 24 17:40:16 HomeServer root: cannot unmount '/var/lib/docker/zfs/graph/53bcad0d4b8bd8f9ecdfbdab5a3e843f664a98591a6f57b5836007dd8eceb0d7-init': unmount failed
  10. I dont have any docker images or containers but still have one in unraid
  11. Nothing works at the moment with docker. Is there a way to fix this? Or to completely reset docker? (except the volumes if possible - but i have backups if really needed)
  12. And if i want to do docker-compose up, i now get failed to register layer: exit status 2: "/usr/sbin/zfs fs snapshot ssd/System/b22b6c868df6ce04c55ffda2784887209f9129d6bad85a33dcb6523094c8fa82@749664689" => cannot open 'ssd/System/b22b6c868df6ce04c55ffda2784887209f9129d6bad85a33dcb6523094c8fa82': dataset does not exist usage: snapshot [-r] [-o property=value] ... <filesystem|volume>@<snap> ... For the property list, run: zfs set|get For the delegated permission list, run: zfs allow|unallow
  13. In the unraid UI i just get Execution error Server error When i use docker compose i get the error.
  14. Sorry, here they are! homeserver-diagnostics-20230524-1812.zip