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  1. Yeah I know its been on my to do list forever. Honestly have just been really lazy about it. I guess this is going to kick me into high gear and make me do the conversion on all my drives to try and avoid this in the future.
  2. I ran it and it wants me to rebuild tree. I guess I will go that route and deal with the consequences. Thanks.
  3. Hey All, Thank you for the help. I have attached the diagnostic file here. What you do you think my best course of action is?nas-diagnostics-20201114-1256.zip
  4. Hey all, One of my drives in my array is stuck in read only mode. The drive is formatted to reiserfs. I ran reiserfsck and it wanted me to run --rebuild-tree option but I would ideally not have to do that option because it will create the lost+found folder and I dont really have time to go through the files. I have space on my array to take all the data off and reformat the drive to xfs to potentially fix this issue but the problem is the permissions on that drive wont allow me to copy or move the data with unbalanced. I tried to run the Docker Safe new Perms in tools but it did not work on the drive and I still could not move or copy my files. Do I have any other options here other then running --rebuild-tree? What if I just reformatted the drive to XFS and let the parity rebuild when I readd the drive to the array? Will That work? I should also add that my mover does not seem to working. When I manually invoke the mover it doesnt seem to be moving any files. I don't know if that is related to this issue or not. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hey all, Running into a problem here. I am trying to access my Plex preferences.xml file but I keep getting the access denied message. I know the issue is with permissions but I am scared to change anything in my docker because I know chasing some permissions to files can break it. What can I do to access this file to change some of the settings? Thanks
  6. Yeah this is exactly what I want to avoid... Its going to be a nightmare having to redo the database and having it recreate the video preview thumbnails. I also dont want to lose the watched status for all my users.
  7. Hey all, I have combed through numerous threads about changing plex dockers but I cant seem to fix my issue. I am currently running the old Needo docker and I want to switch to linuxserver docker as Needo is outdated and doesn't seem to be updating anymore. I mapped the same drives from the needo docker to the linuxserver docker. I stop the needo docker, start the linuxserver docker yet I cant seem to get on the plex web ui. The docker says it is running but I cant seem to connect anything. Is there something I am missing here? Are there additional ports I need to map or something? Does it have something to do with the PUID and PGID values I see in the linuxserver docker because I dont seem to see them in the needo docker. If anyone has made a similar switch please let me know what you did to get it running. I really want to avoid having to refresh my database because it is quite large.
  8. I want one. Are they preflashed? How much to shipping in Canada?
  9. Thanks all! trurl, the link you provided solved it. All I needed to do was restart my server and the mover started to do its thing!
  10. Hey, That didnt work. In my log it says that it started the mover, but it doesn't seem like anything is happening. Would it be bad to manually move the data from my cache to the share?
  11. I just set my cache disk to public so I can go in there and see whats using up so much space. There is a folder called media (im assuming its my media share), and it has 871 gigs of stuff in there. How do I make the mover move it to my array?
  12. Thanks for the response. I just realized that my original post was a little confusing. I have 2 shares, one is called media, one is called appdata (for sabnzb and sick beard). The appdata share is now set to cache only. The files are downloaded into the appdata share, and they are moved automatically with scripts to media. I have the media share to use the cache aswell. The cache drive is 1Tb large but for some reason only has 68 gigs free, and I cant figure out why the free space isnt close to 1TB because I dont really see anything on the drive (I cleared out the complete download and incomplete download folders of sabnzb because I know that there could be big files in there, it is empty now), so I am assuming that the problem is the mover script isn't working.
  13. Hey all, I have a 1TB cache drive and it is sitting on 68gigs and it doesn't seem to increase everyday like it should with data going to the shares. I run Sabnzb, and have cleared the complete and incomplete folders so I know that there is really nothing in my appdata folder so I am sure it is because the mover script is not working. I just noticed a couple days ago that I had my appdata share setting of use cache disk to yes and I have since changed it to only. Would this have affected the cache? How do I purge it and make bring it back to 1tb? Thanks,