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  1. One last question on the OCD front notice in the image attached how Disk 3 is missing - its cos I made what used to be Disk 3 to be Parity 2. Is there an easy fix for this or - leave well enough alone?
  2. These are all on my cache drives which are fully redundant. What can I read that would explain the purpose of each directory.
  3. You are 100% right - it is OCD guilty as charged. Want to confirm everyone who uses Dockers / VMs have them - and this is not some weird thing I managed to do to my server. And yes - my OCD does not trump my sanity - I don't want to have a super special setup that no one can help me with so I will not do that. Thank you for the advice.
  4. We may need to file this under Noob stupid questions without enough info. Apologize since I am technically not a noob to UNRAID but I am a bit green with containers and linux in general. I have the following folders/shares under /mnt/user/ /docker - docker.img /domains /VM - - vdisk2.img /appdata - This seems to be where all my docker data is /vdisks - *.img files - think these are my virtual machines /system / libvert - libvert.img I didn't create them. Is there a way to tidy these up? Say move /docker /vdisks /domains under /appdata? without breaking my well running system? Thank you,
  5. One last question - I read somewhere that pre-clear is no longer necessary cos UNRAID does this automatically? Is this true?
  6. Thank you - appreciate the advice. Agree - slow n safe. Also never noticed that manual link! Whoa! Thank you. Have a great day.
  7. Hi, I have 2x Parity drives. I want to replace 2 existing Data drives with 2 New drives. Question: Can I swap both out Data Drives and do one rebuild or should I stick to the tried and tested one drive at a time? A link to the latest best way to swap guide would also be appreciated very much. Thank you in advance.
  8. Situation - ALL Is well. Some drives are getting a bit tight. Solution - time to switch from 3TB drives to 8TB drives. I have 2 Parity drives - and I really like having 2 Parity drives. Is there away to replace both the old 3Tb Parity drives with new 8Tb parity drives and build parity once? Thank you.
  9. Got it - will do - thank you.
  10. yeah sorry about that - when I tried to get the diags before reboot - it just hung there - didnt get the file. You think its ok to reactivate the drive? and if yes - how do I do that? sorry noob question. UNRAID gives so few issues that I forget in b/w issues
  11. Hi folks - getting an error on disk 4 - could I ask for your help in: 1. determining if this is really a failure? 2. could you show me how you figure that out from the logs? Thanks in advance. "199UDMA CRC error count0x003e200160000Old ageAlwaysNever61" It's not a very old drive 9Power on hours0x0032097097000Old ageAlwaysNever3131 (4m, 8d, 11h) 240Head flying hours0x0000100253000Old ageOfflineNever315h+11m+45.891s Diagnostics attached. theoracle-diagnostics-20181218-1331.zip
  12. Hey! when did I become an Advanced Member? I have been using unraid for like 20 years - wow - that's just crazy. Remember my first array was I think a bunch of 100Gb drives.
  13. You are right I was trying to move b/w usershares. That's cos I read its bad to move between disks outside of the unraid array. Why is it bad to move from one disk to another and not use the Usershares?
  14. Got it on the docker mappings. I got the server all cleaned up. Will no longer use renmov on MC. Shall readup on krusader just for fun - think I am ok with mc but hey its always fun to learn something new. Thanks folks. SUMMARY: Do not use renmov with Midnight Commander when crossing from one disk to another.