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  1. I could probably use a spare... count me in.
  2. Anything but Debian or Debian based distros like ubuntu !!
  3. Log on to the server as root. Then type: MC and hit enter...
  4. jimwhite

    3.9 Kernel out

    I'm old and very patient
  5. jimwhite

    Custom Cables

    The "silver" stuff is tin-plated copper.
  6. Update the firmware first. Do a search and you'll find a thread with the links to the firmware. I used the Japanese version since it changes the firmware number, the English one doesn't.
  7. It's all about the instant gratification generation.... sound like spoiled teenagers.
  8. I think it would be more useful if parity check speeds were accompanied by the number of drives in the array.
  9. Thanks Peter. Now I can try b14 with my LSI 1015's !!!
  10. Yeah, drives being red-balled when waking up. On LSI controllers
  11. Again you're asking when? !!!
  12. If you're going to spam the board, at least learn some grammar/spelling!!
  13. Be prepared for "May Grey" and "June Gloom"
  14. Yes, the driver doesn't exist in the kernel used in 4.7
  15. I had a lot of trouble with both Crucial and Corsair. Went to CAS-6 400mhz stuff off the wall at BestBuy and had no more problems....
  16. FWIW, this board is one of the few of its generation that will run reliably with all four slots populated.... I echo the suggestion for an older version of memtest or try memtest86+ or whatever... I remember running memtest on mine when I had it, so don't give up!
  17. Err one major flaw. the SCM only has PCIe 8x/4X slots the video card is PCIe 2.1 16x you would probably be better off with an Intel desktop board (or similar?) for this setup. Your right... i looked this morning to see when my stuff was coming in and noticed the motherboard didn't have a x16 slot i thought about a desktop board but i wanted IPMI since it will somewhat be headless i have a SuperMicro Atom D510 and boy that IPMI is so nice ill have to order a x1 slot video card and hope that works with passthough If the back of the X1 connector on the motherboard is open (some are), you can use a x16 card in a X1 slot.