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  1. Does it truly get to 100%? My schedule was interfering with the progress of the maintenance and had to let it run 24x7 to complete.
  2. These maintenance processes are scheduled and they need to complete. If they don't it will keep trying over and over again. This will block routine backups as well. In general, CP is intended to run 24x7. How big is your server? Does it draw that much power? Daily shutdowns can cause more stress on hardware than leaving it on. I would measure your current draw and do the math. It may not be worth shutting it down every night. unRAID was designed to be low power (spinning down disks in particular). The work by CP should have a minuscule impact on resources.
  3. It should be in your appdata share. In a typical install, it should be: /mnt/user/appdata/HandBrake/successful_conversions
  4. Are you looking at the files from another computer or directly from unRAID itself (via web console or ssh session)? It's possible some other permissions are not set right and hiding them due to a permissions issue.
  5. The typical permissions should be 755 and owned by nobody:users at the bare minimum (I think 777 is preferred). Of the movies that are missing, are you able to browse through your directories and actually find them?
  6. I think I just figured out what was going on based on documentation. I'm using the High-water method. Disk 1 is only utilized 21%. Disks 3, 4, 5 are all utilized over 80%. So, as I understand it, unRAID will keep filling disk 1 to the 50% mark before it starts to fill any other disk. I assume it will just create those share directories on disk 2 when it eventually gets to that point.
  7. I'm about 50% of my way through migrating 4 disks from ReiserFS to XFS. So far, no issues until something I noticed this morning after formatting disk 2 last night and brining the array back online. Everything is up and running, but noticed that /mnt/disk2 has no subdirectories of the shares present. I was tinkering with the shares to exclude disks I was working on at the time and stop unraid from adding more files to those locations. As I reformat the disks, I go back and enable them again to use all disks and disable for the next. Now I feel like something is confused with the configuration. How do I enable disk2 to start accepting new data again? I did not have this issue with /mnt/disk1. I'm running 6.9.2 and have paused my migration work for now (what I had planned to do anyway for a few days).
  8. Has anyone mapped the container path /config/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Media/localhost to a separate share? I'm over 100GB now for this directory and wondering if there is any benefit moving this off the cache (would still use the cache for new files).
  9. SMTP configuration was accepted, but no email. So, I'm blocked setting up additional accounts. On the forums, seeing several complaints about this, so it appears to be a known and widespread problem for 6.4.54. Sigh.
  10. One other thing I just discovered today, all logging has stopped since running in 6.4.54. All logs enabled, but it's been dead silent for a long time now.
  11. Of the 20 containers I'm running, this container is the largest at 1.35GB. Is this normal? I did some digging yesterday into the container and did not immediately find anything that was not mapped properly to my /mnt/user/appdata/deludge directory.
  12. Ah, found it. I set to version-6.4.54 for now. Oddly enough it chose to re-download all of the software again, but seems stable for now. That should lock things down. My next thing was trying to sort out how to create a separate admin account for Unpoller to grab telemetry from Unifi, but still stuck on that for now. Any attempts to add it complains there was a problem sending email (I don't expect that to be working). Without that email part, it won't be able to send an invite and you can't set a password manually. Will see if there are some SMTP settings that can mitigate this. Update... Found the setting for mail server. The config claims it can use the cloud to do the mail if remote access is turned on (it is), but I'm guessing that just fails with this docker image. Hate to setup another SMTP config, but will see if that gets me over the finish line here. I don't want to grant a monitor access to modify my network configuration by using my own credentials. Creating a user should not be this hard, nor should it be dependent on email.
  13. Just now catching up on why there have been so many changes in UI for this Docker. I, too, was using the latest tag and regret it now. Currently on 6.4.54 and miss some of the features from before. Wondering if there is any way to back rev at this point and how I can keep it stable going forward (other than just stop updating that container).
  14. I upgraded unraid 6 days ago, but that log shows running solid ever since.I was wondering if the uptime from the Docker view would accurately represent the true time it was up. Will keep monitoring it. Alternatively, starting to look at AWS Glacier and using s3sync container for the really large media that are static and get that out of CP, but then I'm paying for both services. One project at a time. Want to keep this current config stable for now. I think CP changed some retention options over time. I found some ridiculous settings in there keeping extra versions way too long. Right when I did that they announce they're doing the same things globally. Odd. I think some configuration slipped in there generating extra versions for a lot of clients.