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  1. I'm seeing the same thing. It just keeps updating every night.
  2. Should I be concerned that I get the "Something went wrong" message along with the "You IP was updated" message? It seems to fail more than it succeeds. If this is normal than I'm fine with it because it does succeed several times a day, but seems strange that it would work for a couple times and then fail multiple times. Your IP was updated at Mon Mar 18 16:10:12 EDT 2019 Your IP was updated at Mon Mar 18 16:15:01 EDT 2019 Something went wrong, please check your settings Mon Mar 18 16:20:05 EDT 2019 Something went wrong, please check your settings Mon Mar 18 16:25:05 EDT 2019 Something we
  3. Sorry to hijack the thread, but is this a reccommended card: SAS9211-8I 8PORT Int 6GB Sata+sas Pcie 2.0
  4. Well I tried again today just to check and it worked? I'm up and running with a Let's Encrypt cert. thanks!
  5. I'm going to piggy back on this one. I'm getting the same error and my router isn't listed in the help. I've got a Netgear N600 and I don't see any settings related to rebinding. I've got DNS set to Google so it must be something in the router, correct?
  6. hmm, then what do I need to change to get things working again? It should just work if it defaults to SMB3, but it's definitely broken
  7. Was going to post the same thing. They have removed SMBv1 in 1709. Is SMBv1 still required with UnRAID? There must be a way to use something newer.
  8. I upgraded my main worksation to 1709 yesterday and i also cannot get to any of my smb shares by name or ip address. This broke as soon as i upgraded yesterday. They must have made some kind of SMB change in the fall creators update.
  9. That did it. Thank you for walking me through all of that. I have no idea why it stopped working, but hopefully things will be good going forward.
  10. Command after switching to bridge mode: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name="CrashPlanPRO" --net="bridge" -e TZ="America/New_York" -e HOST_OS="unRAID" -e "USER_ID"="99" -e "GROUP_ID"="100" -e "UMASK"="000" -e "APP_NICENESS"="" -e "DISPLAY_WIDTH"="1280" -e "DISPLAY_HEIGHT"="768" -e "X11VNC_EXTRA_OPTS"="" -e "CRASHPLAN_SRV_MAX_MEM"="4096M" -e "SECURE_CONNECTION"="0" -p 7810:7810/tcp -p 7910:7910/tcp -v "/mnt/user":"/storage":ro -v "/boot":"/flash":ro -v "/mnt/user/appdata/CrashPlanPRO":"/config":rw jlesage/crashplan-pro 400b1f3d13
  11. tcp 0 0* LISTEN 15843/qemu-system-x Any idea what that would be?
  12. No reason. I just set it to bridge mode and it created the duplicate ports again. I removed them and restarted the container. Now the page doesn't load at all over port 7810 or 5800? Everything was working fine on 10/9 when you pushed out the update to fix our problems so I can't figure out what changed since then. How can I see what is running on port 5900? I've not added anything in the last few weeks so not sure what would be using that port