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  1. So my email had gone to junk folder! Many thanks Tom i knew that wasnt like lime techs support! Thanks all
  2. Thanks Tomm i have re sent the email.
  3. I thought i had but i only have the receipt not the key file... this was back in 2013
  4. Yes i have a very old licence (hence why i cant find it!). I would like to get it setup properly aggain
  5. Many thanks,that is the address i emailed but am yet to hear back and my trial is running down. Thanks again
  6. Afternoon all, I emailed support over a week ago but have received no response. When i moved house i lost my unraid pen drive and desperately need my key replacing. Unfortunately i don't have a backup of the original key to follow the process in the instructions. Please can someone advise what i need to do? Thanks
  7. Johhnie you are a legend i believe it is fixed. thank you so much
  8. Im such an idiot... i can't read! Thanks guys... Why would all SB's corrupt though? is this going to be an on going issue?
  9. reiserfsck --rebuild-tree /dev/sdd/ As per the instructions. Thanks Ben
  10. Guys, I have had my server running for two years, but all of a sudden i am getting read-only file system errors. I have ran reiserfsck on all the drives and apparently the SB is damaged on all. I am wary of doing anything as i did it on one disk and lost all of my data. (yes i followed the unpaid guide) please could someone advise. Thanks Ben
  11. Sorry please try this link http://pastebin.com/dJpSxZWn
  12. http://pastebin.com/Wv0NHH8a Heres the relevant section of the syslog
  13. Evening all, i am looking for some help, I have just noticed that one of my drives, WD 4tb, has been disabled. The SMART report reads: User Capacity: 600,332,565,813,390,450 bytes [600 PB] Logical block size: 774843950 bytes scsiModePageOffset: response length too short, resp_len=47 offset=50 bd_len=46 scsiModePageOffset: response length too short, resp_len=47 offset=50 bd_len=46 >> Terminate command early due to bad response to IEC mode page A mandatory SMART command failed: exiting. To continue, add one or more '-T permissive' options. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks
  14. great thinking... didn't know about blackhole but that has got me running thanks!
  15. Interestingly, you sent me down a path with your post so i tried the return_host setting in the ini, but now stab just reports empty nabs all the time which is strange... pinion has contacted me and said he will be testing ASAP