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  1. Updated from 6.8.3 NVIDIA - went smoothly! I did remove some deprecated plug-ins and apps afterwards and had zero issues installing the new NVIDIA drivers - no changes to my Plex install for transcoding needed much to my relief. I'm on an AMD x570 mobo (Taichi) with a 3700 and with some fiddling in the temp settings app I now have temp readings for the first time! I am also seeing fan speeds for seven fans - very happy! Temps for my SSD and HDD continue to work. Not seeing power readings from my UPS but I can see my GPU readings finally so that's nice. I'll fiddle with the UPS when it's not 4a
  2. Well, sitting at over 6 days uptime now including a full scheduled parity check without errors. I'm not yet positive what's cleared this error and that sux. Temps have been cooler and I've had the house open but I've also had a second known good UPS inline with the server. The only major thing that changed between months of uptime and barely days was a new dedicated 30amp electrical circuit, a new 2U UPS, and warmer temps coincided. I guess I'll be patient but for now it's reliable - pretty frustrating. I guess I'll also mark the previously swapped PSU good and feel okay about keeping it with
  3. Not the power supply. Ran a memtest for over an hour, no issues. Have put a spare UPS in line between the recently ionstalled LARGE UPS and the server to try and see if the issue is coming from the new rackmount UPS - that I just had to run a new circuit to install. If it's the UPS I'll be upset but happy to have found this. If this doesn't work then I'll be booting it in "safe mode" to see if that helps <sigh> and probably a day's worth of memtest!
  4. Well, that was short lived - based on text messages I got from friends it died at 1:30 so it was up maybe 5 hours. I have swapped in a new PSU and touched nothing else - it's begun a parity check. If it goes down this time I may try moving it off my uber expensive UPS and onto a small portable one I used previously just to rule tat sucker out. The one it's on now has a dedicated circuit, brand new batteries, but was put in use not too far before these problems cropped up. I'll be pretty upset if that thing is the issue!
  5. I'm aware of the hazards of overclocking, I don't think I've owned a computer that wasn't overclocked in some way in the last 30 or so years if not longer. This thing would be water cooled if I could fit it without cutting. The settings now are close to stock and in Eco mode should be keeping it from boosting much and using less power. Underclocking is often done to save power but I've got enough containers running I'd prefer to not go that route unless pushed. SuperMicro chassis out of the box are quite loud. SuperMicro makes an SQ model PSU however that's dead silent and will on
  6. This is a rack mount server chassis, it can actually accommodate 2x PSU in a failover setup but I've only got one installed currently. I have only briefly pondered the PSU as it's pretty good quality and made for this kind of (ab)use. The chassis holds 24 spinners and can accommodate multiple SSD too. I do actually have a spare, more than one if I'm willing to suffer turbine whine come to think of it lol. If it goes down again (it's at 40% thru the check now) I may do this first thing as swapping it is one of the easiest things I can do actually! I'll be shocked if that's the problem but as ea
  7. About three weeks ago my server dropped offline and I found it sitting at the boot main screen awaiting my crypto key input. I have a pretty solid UPS and my hardware is pretty new so this was puzzling, I was out of the town at the time. I thought that it might have gotten hot but logs showed no error (tailed in an SSH session). I brought the system up and it began a parity check. Last position I saw about a day later was some 90% complete - it dropped again. It did this one more time and then I was home. Each time it seems to get close to complete with parity and appears to cold boot, my logs
  8. Successful upgrade from an old RC - my funky full encrypted disk setup moved over just fine, thanks guys! Looking forward to the next revision to support my X570 TaiChi, will test when NVIDIA supports it! P.S. Docker Swarm?
  9. I don't have active cooling on it, next I pull it out I'll see what I can do about adding some cooling. I have airflow as it's a SuperMicro chassis but it's not ducted over there. Watching things further I think the main issue could be the Mover process destroying performance when it runs. My cache drive is an M2 PCIE4 drive but when Mover fires the system becomes nearly unresponsive. Just frustrated I suppose as I bump the space limits on the 1TB cache drive moving videos around of late and performance tanks hard. I'm on 6.8 RC7 which has been stable but it looks like I'm two revs behin
  10. Purchased one of these awhile ago as I was no longer able to run 3x dual port cards. New Ryzen boards don't have the slots and I had to run a video card now (which I use for transcoding so no biggie). I've noticed that I seem to bottleneck during parity checks and when Mover strikes I see it bogging down too. Could I have made a better choice? I need to support a max of around 24 drives, I've got an expander kicking around but have never used it. Would I be better off using that somehow with an existing 8i 2 port card? I see fairly significant IOWait times in NetData from time to time when re
  11. Just wanted to post and say THANK YOU!!!!!! Thanks to the efforts of the guys recompiling for the NVIDIA driver I was able to load up RC7 tonight and gve it a spin. The issues described above appears to be FIXED! My Go script no longer has to create a link to a cleartext password in order for me to boot my server - woohoo! I manually entered my password and the server started just fine - big Snoopy Dance! My thanks to the @limetech guys and to @dlandon for solvin this - much appreciated!!
  12. I've always wanted an easy way to PXE boot, this sounds promising! Thank you!
  13. You have to admit updates have been coming pretty quickly, thus far I've seen no huge showstoppers and am pretty excited about the new code! Lots of improvements and some of the speed issues of the past seem solved.
  14. I was mentioning it as an aside as it was something odd I had noticed and I'm not sure what's causing it, RC related or otherwise. You need not be so defensive.