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  1. Cooler Master Silent Pro M - 700W 80 PLUS Bronze Power Supply $120 plus shipping - pass through cost of shipping. Pics here: https://goo.gl/photos/Mr9gGyA1uRSFou2u8
  2. SWFL. I won't make a penny off shipping. I will pass along the exact cost.
  3. Brand New SuperChassis 835TQ-R800B POWER SUPPLIES W/ RAILS I bought this to make a a new server as a cold spare and I didn't ever open it. I Will open it to confirm it is complete but I've had it sitting here for quite some time. I am asking $350 OBO plus shipping. This thing weighs like 50lbs so don't expect it to be too cheap - I estimate $50 to $75 depending where you are I am in SWFL. http://datasheet.octopart.com/CSE-835TQ-R800B-Supermicro-datasheet-11553069.pdf
  4. Hey guys I have a bunch of servers available that i purchased a bit ago. I will do my best to get you details This one is a Supermicro Server-Intel 2.0GHz Dual Core Details: Case is Supermicro SQ846 Motherboard: X7DBE-X Procs: Qty 1 Intel 5130 Dual Core 2.0GHz Ram: 8GB 4x 2GB, 12 empty slots IPMI Card: Kira 100 Qty 3 SAT2-MV8 Raid cards Qty 2 Ablecom PWS-902-IR Power supplies No hard drives included I am asking $250.00 plus shipping- These are big and I think its going to cost about $85 to ship. This has 18 bays I believe and it has three supermicro cards inside for each bay. If you have questions contact me. I am looking to sell this one and the other quick. There are NO drives included as well as no power cables or rack rails. You get the chassis and everything inside along with the drive sleds (which are expensive!) Thanks! Neil
  5. I shortened the prefix and I think it is better. I just need the "ok" early enough and I think we are ok. I'm confused with this new system is there no list of plugins. Some repository? Thanks Neil
  6. Hey all I love the new (to me) 6.0 from 5.x interface and built in email notifications. I do have one tweak I hope some oe can help me with. I want to put the raid status first in the subject. This whole I don't have to open the email in my iOS devices. Currently the subject is so long I have to open the email to see the actual status. Any thoughts? Also with unmenu there was a way to modify files in a web interface. Is there a comparable 6.0 option? Thanks Neil
  7. I should be safe to let the parity check complete - stop and enable the shares and get everything "back"? Thanks, Neil
  8. Yes it is set to No. I have to wait for the parity sync to complete which is like 21 hours away. I will enable it and it should be all good correct? Thanks! Neil
  9. Hey guys I was having problems trying to rsync with SSH to my remote server and I just decided to upgrade to 6.0. Anyway I followed the directions but obviously missed something because none of my drives were assigned. fortunately I read the directions and heeded them and made a screen capture of all the drives and their locations. I am in the midst of a parity sync now however my problem is that none of my shares exist?!. I did copy the config/shares folder from my 5.0 install. Can I safely restore these shares? Please advise. I hope I am not compromising data without them in place? Thanks! Neil
  10. Hey guys I have a red ball on my parity disk. I have been doing a ton of deletes from my unraid and I don't know if it is actually bad. Can someone suggest the proper procedure for testing it or setting it back to green to see if it is in fact functioning? Thanks! Neil
  11. Yeah I never updated it. I just enabled logging and I am going to keep and eye and see if I can find something peculiar as it happens. Thanks!
  12. Good news (At least for unraid) my sagetv STB crashed last night while watching a local recording to the sage tv server. Looks like unraid is not the culprit just the unsupported no longer followed sage tv product (can you tell I am bitter ) Thanks! Neil
  13. No that's not my issue. I feel like the server (unraid) isn't performing well after the massive deletes. I deleted everything via sage so sage's database isn't an issue. Again I don't know if the deletes are causing unraid to underperform but clearly something is awry.
  14. This is an entirely new development I have been running Rc5 since it came out without any incidents like this at all. Flawless is more like it. Like I said the only obvious change recently made (other than upgrading to stable which was after the issue started) was the mass delete of old recordings. Thanks, Neil
  15. Here is my syslog. I just checked and the crash occurred around 9:50 ish and there aren't any entries around this time. The others around this time doesn't seem like issues? Thanks, Neil syslog-2013-10-21.txt
  16. Hey guys I could use some help and I don't even know where to look. I had strange crashing on my SageTV server and thought java was updated. Java wasn't updated and I somehow figured out if I copied my recordings from unraid to the local drive for viewing the crashing no longer occurred. I was running RC5 when I discovered this. Yesterday I upgraded to the latest release version thinking that would fix my problems. Well I just tested and it crashed my STB for sagetv again. In terms of changes throughout the installation there are none that I can think off. I can say that the only recent "thing" I have done is delete probably a hundred or more recordings off of my unraid installation that I will never look at again. When re-setting up my unraid installation I noticed that there were times when I would click on a link to go to something to administer and it would give me a blank page. A subsequent refresh would then bring the page up. Not sure if this is a symptom of a bigger problem. Any direction pointing or logs to check would greatly be appreciated. Thanks so much, Neil
  17. It is VPN available only thank you for your concern. I tried and I get no such device so I am thinking it is dead as a doornail. Too bad. I guess I will run crippled. Currently I can't get to the web site because it seems to have crashed. I am running R5 - I know it is old but I haven't needed to update but will after I resolve this problem and hopefully it will be a bit more solid of a web interface. Thanks, Neil
  18. Hey all I am away from my installation and I just received an email that I have a bad drive. I can access it via web and telnet. Are there any things I can try to figure out if this drive is really dead remotely or try to wake her back up? Thanks, Neil
  19. Seems sad that everyone focused on the HP aspect so much. Every company goes through highs and lows and I am sure Tom #2 had little impact on the demise of their support, and later products. Anyway welcome aboard Tom #2 im sure we will all appreciate your efforts especially since your role is to communicate with the user base. Thanks! Neil
  20. I might have offended them They offered a few without the trays and I explained it was a pretty awful deal and they would be in touch. That was about 4 months ago so I am thinking they don't want to deal with me <shrug>
  21. Has anyone bought any of these machines lately from this company? Just curious if any of the 24 bay units have been available lately. Thanks, Neil
  22. I might have posted this but I need some more help in the past and received some help about writing the CRON command to rsync in the go file but now I need to re-write or copy and move my keys so I don't have to authenticate between the boxes. I am a linux newbie but a friend has been helping me with the linux stuff but he doesn't know much about unraid or how files are lost upon reboot. Anyway any help would greatly be appreciated! Thanks, Neil