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  1. You caught me; this one is IR and in my Windows box.
  2. Once I have disabled the card's initialization display at bootup, how do I access the BIOS to check/change settings?
  3. @adn2377 - do a search for “LSI 9211-8i forum” and you will find other forums where this card and family of cards are discussed. There is a LARGE community using this.
  4. That’s what the good angel on my shoulder was whispering.
  5. I am looking for another card and am seeing OEM cards from China that, other than the missing LSI logo, appear to be identical to LSI cards. I'd guess LSI has their cards made in China and am looking for a thumbs up/down on buying the OEM card to save $20-$30. Jeff
  6. Sorry, I was too vague. My contact is the SAS9211-8i. But I see that’s the flashing can go both ways. Thanks.
  7. Can this card be flashed back to IR mode from IT mode?
  8. I do recall poking around in the notes and seeing a flash all command.
  9. Read this thread for the last 3 or so pages. I was helped by Fireball3. There was, for me, a lot of confusing information that needed to be boiled down. And I still don't have a clear idea of which steps I really needed. @Fireball3, what was the shorted path through what I just did? Jeff
  10. I just did exactly that, i.e. I flashed the firmware to IT mode and in the process removed the boot BIOS.
  11. The last operation it executed was to dump the card info. I'm good. Again, thanks for your help ... and patience. Jeff
  12. That worked!!! The card is operational in IT mode and unRAID now sees all of the attached drives. Good grief. Thanks for your help1 Jeff
  13. Will try that. I had ran 1.nsh and it seemed to successfully list the card info. Somewhere it wanted to flash with Dell file and I did not do that. Now rebooted to EFI. will try 6.nsh.
  14. I was able to navigate around EFI mode and I think I reflashed the BIOS. But I was not able to flash the SAS address. Apparently when I ran 1.bat it did not pull and save info from the card. Jeff