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  1. That seems undesirable. A very large disk, actual or logical, will either go mostly unused or require that the unRAID array be populated with similarly sized disks.
  2. Ummm, be ready and press ctrl+g sooner to enter the card's BIOS settings? unRAID handles the RAID. These cards are being used to add SATA ports to a motherboard. So, as I understand it, you do not want even JBOD mode. To unpack @Benson's reply a bit, HBA is Host Bus Adapter. An HBA adds SATA ports to a motherboard. I don't know how important it is to have the latest firmware. I don't. Anyway, the firmware version should be part of the text that goes by during computer bootup sequence. If it doesn't, you really need to access the BIOS. The RAID level/off setting is there. I and others from what I have seen here don't load the card's BIOS as we aren't using the RAID function. As I understand it, it doesn't matter if the card is IT or IR as the latter's RAID is turned off to let unRAID apply the RAID mode.
  3. Deleting a Windows 10 credential and creating a new one is one of the recommended steps to try when a previously working access stops working.
  4. It is driven by the chipset and that can be determined by the model. That said, being a Windoze guy and having only dabbled in Linux, I found knowing what I had and knowing what I wanted to do still only step one. Good luck! jeff
  5. Did you install PERL? I just stepped through setting up the temp plugin myself.
  6. OK, a semi-DOH! moment, but why was it showing an error when I have not seen SMART test errors when I manually run the tests?
  7. My Dashboard Array Status reports a SMART error (thumbs down), but the long SMART test does not shows "completed without error." One additional tidbit, the attribute #199 UDMA CRC Error Count is displayed in orange/brown text color and shows a raw value of 1 and "never" under the "failed" column. Jeff
  8. "Fahrenheit" appears only in the first post ... (in my search?) ...where is the setting controlling the unit of measure for the temp display?
  9. Finally, something not MS’ fault. :)
  10. I have searched and found posts where VMs, dockers, etc, were discussed but nowhere could I find the basic question about the most basic of uses for unRAID, i.e. to store, safegueard and serve up my media content: Is unRAID itself multicore/multithreaded "aware" and does unRAID perform better with processors with those characteristics? Further context (or reiteration of what I just said), unRAID will only spin the discs and stream the files on my local network to my A/V systems ... no transcoding, decoding codecs, nuttin' else. More context, I presently have an i3-6100 that I think is overkill and am looking to "downgrade" to ... my choice is between Pentium G4500T and Core i3-6100T. Yes, I am going for a 35w part. The single-threaded Passmark of those two are very close. The Pentium is dual core, single-threaded while the i3 is dual core/dual threaded. Jeff
  11. Hope not .. that’s what I use, presently with just 3tb’s.
  12. Instead of starting another perhaps too similar thread, this is my question as well. However, my specific interest is remotely monitoring the UPS and even auto shutdown (gracefully of course). Any “home” (read: reasonably priced) UPS have this?
  13. Thanks, all. It was fixed when all I did was to check each setting to make sure it was correct. I changed nothing! Yes, at the moment I completed visiting every setting, the shares appeared and were accessible from my Debian JRiver server box as well as from my Windows 7 workstation from where I move content to the unRAID. Jeff
  14. Umm, momentito. I can access the shares now on my JRiver Linux box. Need to step through the password dialog .. Nothing, I changed NOTHING and now everything works again. WEIRD.
  15. SMB is/was enabled "Yes (Workgroup)" SMB Security Settings for "Media" is/was set to "Export: Yes" And my user is/was set to read/write Still no joy, what's next?
  16. When I mentioned poking around, I meant in the GUI not logs. Will follow your above instructions .. fingers crossed.
  17. Poking around I noticed that there are no exported shares. I don't recall ever having any ... just user shares. Problem? Poking further, for the Share Settings for the Media "folder" (where all of my media contect is stored), I have SMB User Access set for my user ID and it is read/write. Under "Users" that user has a password set. I don't recall if any there ever were any Disc Shares listed in the Shares page. But worked swimmingly. Trying to do my due diligence while waiting for "analysis" ... I have no networkstats plugin.
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