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  1. Doh. Reckon you might be right. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am trying to make sure a recently schucked wd 12tb disk is ok to put in my prod unraid system. I am checking it out on my new dev unraid system 6.9.2, which has nothing else other than this on new amd system (i am hoping to upgrade my old system to this mobo later). I had a lot of trouble getting it to be recognised. i did a single run preclear of the disk in its preshucked usb drive state (which was fine). I had to put the kapton tape on the 3rd pin on the sata drive and that improved it. When i boot unraid it gets stuck for a fair while (on the log output of "random: crng init done") on the original definition of the disk before finally timing out and then coming up after 5 minutes. I have it defined as a non parity drive (disk 1) and can write to it. I guess i need it to forget about the sda definition for the disk as that causes the delays and causes the UI to be non responsive as some of the cpu's seem to be running flatchat trying to dop something (spit out log messages). Hope that makes sense. File attached below. regards dave tower-diagnostics-20210701-2222.zip
  3. I am using the autofan plugin and hoping to use it to monitor temps of unassigned disks, but they don't come up in the list of disks to exclude. I'm running 6.8.3. Did i do something wrong?
  4. Thanks. I backed up config directory, and copied the backup to another "unraid on usb", brought it up on an old laptop and the printed out the config. My old abit ab9 pro mobo didn't have enough get up and go for docker, vm's. Never got to try out iommu either.
  5. Hi, My motherboard died and i realised i don't have a good backup of my unraid (v6) config. I have a new motherboard/psu. I just thought i should ask what would be the best way to progress. Can i view the old config from the files on the usb drive? Regards Dave
  6. Hi, I'm on the way to v6 and just trying to clean up my system before i move. I wanted to replace my 2tb parity with 4tb parity (with no sick drives). Anyway I was following this advice: "unRAID will only see one parity drive as it will be the one assigned to the parity slot on the Devices page. My suggestion when upgrading parity is to: 1. Run preclear on the drive a could of times (not necessary but will stress test the drive to find early failure) 2. Take out the old party by disconnecting it 3. Hook up new parity drive and assign it as parity once the computer is started back up 4. Let parity rebuild and then run a check on it to make sure nothing is going funky. 5. Shut down the server and hook the old parity drive back up 6. Run preclear on the old parity drive and let it complete 7. Assign the old parity drive to a slot and your all done." Ran a parity check. I ran preclear twice on the 4tb (boy it took a while). I stopped the machine I disabled the old parity drive (removed the sata cable). I started the machine i went to unraid devices and changed the parity drive to the new 4tb one. When i started the array it didn't want to rebuild the parity drive, it just wanted to run without one (i didn't want to do that for long). So i put things back as they were and am now rebuilding the array on the 2tb parity drive (so i will be back where i was). What did i muck up. Should i have put the 4tb drive back in the same place as the 2tb drive was? Regards Dave