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  1. Thanks ! I will try to restore all my .cfg on my new unraid with that !
  2. Sorry to bother you but I have an old unraid V5 server with pxe boot, and now that I have a brand new V6 unraid server I want to still use the PXE Boot. I have read all that thread but I admit to understand nothing I have install the sparklyballs/tftp-server docker and map the images directory to my old images directory. But I don't understand where to put my pxe.conf, etc... (based on that thread for my old V5 server http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=31297.0) I use mainly pxe boot to run clonezilla on different computer. thanks for your help !
  3. Hello, I was using that guide to PXE boot a lot of computer with my old V5 Unraid Server. Now I have build a brand new V6 Unraid Server. Is it still possible to use that guide ? I don't want to mess with my new server directly. Thanks ! Note : Perhaps there is a simpliest way to do that with docker but I'm just starting to read how that stuff works.
  4. hello, I have purchase an upgrade key the 7th of this month. Since I have no mail with my new key, I decided to check the forum, and I found this thread saying that the hotmail address won't work... Guess with what mail I have ordered the key ... Yep it's my hotmail address... Is it possible to send you a private message with all my information about the payement and another mail to get the key ? thanks a lot
  5. I couldn't ping the unraid server... and I already use chrome I have re-enable my mobo network card, and retry the v5. It boot (and the ip has change), I could see the graphic interface, I have check that each disk don't have a "mbr error", re-assign my cache drive, and push the Start button to bring the array online. That's funny that my mobo network card work in v5 and not the pci card I bought because my mobo network card wasn't working under the 4.7. I can continue the wiki page : Migrating from unRAID 4.7 to unRAID 5.0 ps : sorry if I little freak out, but I really was scared to loose some data
  6. I just can't d/l it. It start at 7ko/s and stop after downloading less than 1mo. But now it's fine, I just use a proxy to d/l it. I can finally try the v5 ! well... I just try the new version (I was on a 4.7), and I don't have my network working. I have a dlink card because my mobo "nic" was not functionnal under the 4.7, but even trying both of them after booting the v5, I don't have any network. "ifconfig" didn't give me a ethx, I just have the "lo" configuration. So I put back my 4.7 bzimage and bzroot in my flashkey, restore also the files under the config directory, and boot it back to 4.7. I've got back my eth0 but I can't remotly access to my unRaid. I hope that I didn't mess everything :'( Any ideas ? Thanks. ps : I can access to unMenu after typing /boot/unmenu/uu directly on the unRaid. But I don't want to start the array, I prefer waiting for some advice/answer. ps : My mobo network card is disable in the bios, I have read that having 2 network card with the v5 could be a problem, so my network problem is not that, right ?
  7. Hi, Is there a mirror somewhere to get the rc15a ? I can't download it from the main page, the download is to slow and then stop. Perhaps it's a server overload ? Thanks.
  8. sadly I'm still on the 4.7, but I will soon put my unraid with the v5 asap it's the stable version.
  9. hi, I've got a problem recently with my sickbeard installation. It doesn't start, even after rebooting unraid. I have deleted all the directory of my current sickbeard install (on my cache drive), and reup/l the .conf in my package directory of unmenu, but I've got an error saying that the MD5 is not the right one. And even if I start the install, it's not running. Perhaps someone here could make a new .conf with the latest sickbeard version ? Sorry to bump this thread. Thanks for all !
  10. Problem solved ! my tvshow directory got an accent characters "é" (yep, I'm french ) so the script won't work with that kind of character. I have renamed my directory correctly, reinstall sickbeard, update it, and it works like a charm. perhaps it's the same problem for hooger ?
  11. hi everyone, I just setup a new unraid server for a friend, I have upload some of my tv show folder in it and when I adding that directory in sickbeard to scan about information, all run fine, except for some tv show that it don't find the show name on tvshow.nfo (there's a question mark instead of the show name). So I add it, configure the directory, the quality, etc... and when I click on the "add show" button, there's some error message like the one that hooger's got. [size=18pt]500 Internal Server Error[/size] The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request. [color=red]Traceback (most recent call last): File "/mnt/cache/.sickbeard/cherrypy/_cprequest.py", line 660, in respond response.body = self.handler() File "/mnt/cache/.sickbeard/cherrypy/lib/encoding.py", line 193, in __call__ self.body = self.oldhandler(*args, **kwargs) File "/mnt/cache/.sickbeard/cherrypy/_cpdispatch.py", line 25, in __call__ return self.callable(*self.args, **self.kwargs) File "/mnt/cache/.sickbeard/sickbeard/webserve.py", line 1799, in addNewShow helpers.chmodAsParent(show_dir) File "/mnt/cache/.sickbeard/sickbeard/helpers.py", line 445, in chmodAsParent parentMode = stat.S_IMODE(os.stat(parentPath)[stat.ST_MODE]) UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe9' in position 11: ordinal not in range(128)[/color] Powered by [color=blue][i]CherryPy 3.2.0rc1[/i][/color] Otherwise, all the tvshow where their name are found, works fine. I have completly deleted all the directory and file of sickbeard, reinstall, and always got the same error. Idea ? Thanks.
  12. hi, Don't know if my problem is related with a reboot of my unRaid tower, but I can't restart sickbeard since. I have downloaded the latest .conf for sickbeard and sabnzbd to reinstall them, without any problem. But when I try to reach my NAS:8082 to get sickbeard, nothing appears. So I have checked the "start sickbeard" button in the user script of unmenu, and it says : mkdir: cannot create directory `': No such file or directory SickBeard started as root. And if I check the logs of sickbeard, it says : Jan-16 19:51:23 INFO MAIN :: Starting Sick Beard on http://localhost:8081 Jan-16 19:51:29 ERROR MAIN :: Unable to start web server, is something else running on port 8081? Jan-16 19:51:29 ERROR MAIN :: Launching browser and exiting I know that it's sabnzbd running on 8081, but in the Configuration Variables of the sickbeard package, the install-port is 8082. I try to change it to 8083 and re-install sickbeard, but it's the same problem, and the same ERROR in the log file of sickbeard Any ideas ? edit : I have deleted all the related file in the package directory, restart my unRaid and restart an installation of sickbeard via the last .conf in the 1st page. Still the same error : Installed Sick Beard to /mnt/cache/.sickbeard SickBeard config.ini file already exists Created unraid.d directory Created init script, /etc/rc.d/unraid.d/rc.unraid_sickbeard Created unmenu start script, /boot/unmenu/42-unmenu_user_script_start_sickbeard Created unmenu start script, /boot/unmenu/42-unmenu_user_script_stop_sickbeard mkdir: cannot create directory `': No such file or directory SickBeard started as root. Please go Here to setup SickBeard the rest of the way I have checked my config.ini file of my sickbeard directory, and it's empty. Perhaps it's a hint ? edit 2 : I have deleted that existing config.ini, and now, every thing is fine, sickbeard works. But it still say that "There is a newer version available (or else you're ahead of master)— Update Now" but it works, that all I wanted
  13. Hi, got some trouble getting the 6.10 version working. Actually I'm on the 6.9, without any problem, I download the .conf for the 6.10, click on the download then install, but I got those messages : SABnzbd-0.6.10-src.tar.gz installation: The latest version of SABnzbd is already installed at /mnt/cache/.sabnzbd SABnzb sabnzbd.ini file already exists Created unraid.d directory Created init script, /etc/rc.d/unraid.d/rc.unraid_sabnzbd Created unmenu start script, /boot/unmenu/42-unmenu_user_script_start_sabnzbd Created unmenu stop script, /boot/unmenu/42-unmenu_user_script_stop_sabnzbd SABnzbd started as root. Please go Here to setup SABnzbd the rest of the way It thinks that I already have the latest version, but i'm still in the 6.9. I don't have the disable on reboot button either. Any ideas ? Thanks a lot !
  14. Well, I think I use the first .conf you post in that topic, perhaps that's why but as my sb works great, I will not update it and let it run like that. edit : I just try to reboot the unraid, and all my setting are keep ! Amazing (even if the first reinstall of sb was not on cache/etc... so I didn't find my previous setting, but changing that variable to the previous directory make it find it again ) Thanks a lot (and check your private message )
  15. Hopefully that is fixed in the .conf file I just attached How to use it ? Just replacing the .conf in the packages directory of the flash and enable the re-install on re-boot ? The sb says : There is a newer version available (or else you're ahead of master)— Update Now Can I do it or it's better to stay with that version with no update ? By the way, When I install for the first time sb, the unmenu didn't find the correct file (checksum error, and the file was 0kb) so I have directly downloaded it from the sb website, and simply put it in the package directory and then everything is fine.