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  1. Here is an idea, both light and dark versions available.
  2. IrishFavor

    External Drive Attachment

    Yea the dell motherboard is not compatible with the supermicro chassis that i have however down the road i may by a compatible board to replace them both. For the time being i need the super micro chassis as it has enough bays for what i need. Currently im running 36TB with disks arranging from 2TB - 6TB about 16 drives in total. As i upgrade the smaller drives the physical space will be less of a requirement. currently i am running it as a media server, serving to about 28 users approx 4-6 users on at a time pulling full HD files and i have not had any issues thus far. However i want to upgrade for a few reasons, such as power efficiency and having more resources to be able to run virtual machines and a home automation server. If i can find a good deal on a SSI CEB motherboard CPU (at least 10 cores) and RAM then i will upgrade however for the moment i dont have to spend anything other then the connections between the 2 so i feel that this is the best economic choice for me at the moment.
  3. IrishFavor

    External Drive Attachment

    ken-ji thanks for the response those look to be pretty reasonable. I will order a few after the holidays and give them a test and report back my findings. I did notice that they do not appear to interface with the motherboard at all, is it safe to assume that the system that they are in will be mainly used to house the drives and power them? Thus not being used computationally?
  4. IrishFavor

    External Drive Attachment

    As Ken-Ji stated above it would depend on the connectors, Would something like this do the trick? http://www.scsi4me.com/dell-perc-6-e-sas-raid-controller-for-sas-external-storage-system-optional-controller-dell-poweredge-2900-iii-2950-iii.html
  5. IrishFavor

    External Drive Attachment

    Sorry for the delayed response, work has gotten crazy with the holidays moving in. Keeping them on 24/ will not be a problem. I did not even take into account slaving the power supply together. Currently there is no battery backup however that is my next purchase and i was going to run the APC plugins for power management and safe shutdown as far as turning them on i am not sure if there is a way to have them both power back on once power is restored. As for the models they are whatever came standard with the machines they both have redundant power supplys. For the Supermicro i am not entirely sure on the model of the machine, it appears that the chassis and PSU are probably the same as [ 6048R-E1CR72L ] (https://www.supermicro.com/products/system/4U/6048/SSG-6048R-E1CR72L.cfm). As for the Dell 710 the speck sheet can be seen here (http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/poweredge-r710/pd) as for any connections between the server i have not purchased anything, however i am willing to invest the time and money to get this working. Currently they both exist on the same local network using a gigabit connection to either machine.
  6. IrishFavor

    External Drive Attachment

    Not sure if this is the correct place for this question, If not please feel free to direct me to a better place. Currently i have 2 servers 1 is an old Super-micro with 24bays and is currently running my unraid. However the second server is a dell 710 that has much more processing power but only 6 drive bays. I would like to keep my drives in the super-micro and use it as a SAN while utilizing the Dell 710's processing and memory resources. I have not had a chance to test this and have not seen any similar setups or guides. Would creating a 2nd server with another hypervisor adding the drives from the super micro to the drive pool and attaching to the dell via an external JBOD connection allow me to see the drives within the unraid hypervisor and assign disks? Thank you for any assistance in regards to this.
  7. IrishFavor

    Pre-Clear 6TB drive

    Haha damn that's what i thought, Yes i forgot to use screen :-| Well Damn. thanks bkastner, now its time for some more coffee.
  8. Hey all, I just recently bought a new drive for my server and started the preclear process last night, i had started it in putty. Like an idiot i closed my laptop this morning while getting ready fo work and it closed the putty window. Now mind you i am not on location with the server at the moment but have access through VPN and thus i can putty into the server. Is there a way for me to get back to the preclear screen? or do i have to either 1.) restart the preclear or 2.) wait for it to complete and look for the log file on the flashdrive?
  9. Sorry for the long time without a response, other pressing issues demanded my time. Thank you all for your help. the issue has since been resolved. it was indeed an issue with the shares not being enabled.
  10. Here is a screenshot, with addons: and without:
  11. well i started the server and added the drives to the array before i added the addons and i didn't see the share tab and it still didnt show in my network devices in windows. what would disabling them do if it didn't show up when i didn't have them installed?
  12. Ok so far so good, install of unmenu and simple features worked. however i have to type //tower to get to simple features when i type it takes me to a different view. although when i type it takes me to unmenu. once it booted up with the key i was able to add the drives and start the array and it shows the data full on the drives. however i do not see the shares tab also when i brows for the samba shares in windows it does not show the server. Is it safe to assume that i have to recreate permissions for the array? If so how do i do so? under utils i see upgrade utilities there is an option for new config (which appears to mark the drives as new so they can be formatted i assume) then there is an option for new permissions however it says "This is a one-time action to be taken after upgrading from a pre-5.0 unRAID server release to version 5.0" so i assume its for older versions to allow ownership of files as the file structure was different. what do i need to type in to give myself permission as i started with 5.0 rc16c and reinstalled the same thing?
  13. Ok, i believe i made some headway. i manually started the network service by following this post http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=2111.0 however i could not go directly to the directory for some reason, i had to go folder by folder. ( cd /. [ls], cd etc [ls], cd rc.d)anyway after i did that and got back to root i used the reboot option then the system rebooted and i started it in safe mode. After it was started in safe mode i checked the router to see if it got an address. It did checked to see if disks were listed and they were. Now i will try and put the key back on the drive and the plugins, i will post the results here.
  14. Ok i went back and ran "makebootable" and now i am able to boot to the drive, i logged in as root however i am still not getting an IP address as i do not see it listed under DHCP reservation. Is there a command to run on the server to force it to sync. ifconfig brings up the NIC however i do not see an IP listed. I do know about the network file in the config folder for setting static IP but i thought that was just for if you do not have DHCP running.
  15. Ok i just tried formatting the drive as FAT32 and unzipping UnRAID 5.0 and putting that on the root of the drive. However after i put the drive back into the server and try to boot from it. I get and error message saying: An operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any drives that don't contain an operating system. I have double checked that the drive is set to boot as priority device in BIOS, in fact i disabled all other devices. Do you think this might be a bad drive? It reads fine in windows.