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  1. Still not able to do memtest as I was busy. But this is a look at my syslog screenshot. Can you interpret if this patient is having bad news?
  2. Looks like I need to do the same, the SSD crc counts keep climbing, now 961. It may have crashed my system numerous times or killed my new 8TB hard drives. Generally making the unRAID very unstable. I’ll swap this on Saturday & see if it will work too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Okay, will do. I need to finish pre-clear and rebuild before going into this. The old mobo + cpu had been serving me for a good decade! Thanks for your advice, jonathanm.
  4. Hi all, my unRAID hung a couple of times, with some months of troubles, ranging from disabled disk (8TB) Toshiba drive that was installed new, but suddenly becoming disabled. I uninstalled the disk in the array and whilst it is in place, I ran the pre-clear, than let it rebuild. Took two days to do it. That was the first time. This time is the second. During the pre-clear, the unRAID hung with this error (attached image) on the console. I downloaded the diagnostics file for your investigation. On an end note, is it because my mobo & CPU is acting up and need a replacement? Any advice is much appreciated. clnasty-diagnostics-20190903-0859.zip
  5. I have swapped all the drive cables and the CRC errors keep mounting. I have upgraded the firmware on my SSD and will wait to see if this solves the problem. Unfortunately for me, the sata bracket on the mobo got dislodged. I think I may need to change the motherboard altogether. I have a total of 14 disks so now have to look for a new build to house my UNRAID.
  6. Another reboot required. Mysteriously I have 3 more disks appearing with CRC Count Errors?! Help requested. unbalance.log FCPsyslog_tail.txt syslog.txt clnasty-diagnostics-20190524-0850.zip
  7. Upgraded from 6.6.7 to 6.7 no probs. A big thank you. I was having issues with my unRAID these past 2 months (under another post) and wanted to turn on Fixed Common Problems' Troubleshooting mode. After the upgrade, this new message appeared: LOOKING FOR TROUBLESHOOTING MODE? On unRaid 6.7+ it has been removed, and you should instead configure the built-in syslog server to save to the flash drive via Settings - Syslog Server. I have set this up as shown. I can't see any logs appearing in the the 'local syslog folder'. I don't have a 'Remote syslog server'. Can you please confirm my settings? Your advice is, as usual, much appreciated. Regards. cL
  8. Since my last post, the system has rebooted 3 times. I missed the Fix Common Problems troubleshooting logs. Got this finally. The most recent one was after 1146h, and after a reboot, the latest diagnostic file 1322h. Note that my cache SSD has a 'creeping' CRC error count, now at 384. It came up over the last 2 months from about 200. Not sure if this can call the server to 'hang'. Any advice provided is greatly appreciated. cL clnasty-diagnostics-20190512-1146.zip clnasty-diagnostics-20190512-1322.zip FCPsyslog_tail.txt
  9. Thanks Squid. Done. Will report back. 👌
  10. The last two days, my unRAID server went 'dark' on me twice, overnight. The hardware is on but I wasn't able to access on webgui, on the console, it's blank too, no prompt. After reboot, it came back on. I have the diag attached. The first time I cancelled parity check because I had finished rebuilding a disk (Disk 6). (Note: Disk 6 is an older disk that had a legacy CRC count 2 that did not get not get worse after preclear & included back into the array. This info may not be the cause but including it just in case.) After this second time, I am allowing the parity check to continue. Whilst I continue monitoring the system and allowing the parity check to continue, should I be running any commands to log system performance so that I can capture the latest activity if it goes 'dark' again? Read something about a 'tail command', would this capture this activity info & how do I run this? Thank you in advance for your advice. clnasty-diagnostics-20190407-0926.zip
  11. I'd close this thread with grateful thanks. The SATA cables appear to be the culprit. My friend told me to flash the firmware for the Samsung SSD and the problem would go away. I might try that.
  12. 2 SATA cables replaced with new ones, with new replacement disk for Disk 6, precleared, waiting for the previous Disk 6 to be precleared, I will format and install into the slot. Note that cache drive's CRC error count number is still creeping up. I note that it's 185 today. I will record this later in the week. Hope to close the PC case and this item.
  13. Thanks johnnie, I will have to dig into the cables to do this. Appreciate your quick response as usual.
  14. Hi there, my system was fine one moment and overnight, Disk 6 (4TB) failed. I tried to Pre-clear it in Unassigned Devices and it failed. There's a red cross on it and it appeared in the Unassigned Devices tab. I then shutdown, re-plug the power and SATA cables, the startup again. Still the same. I have attached the logs. The hard disk is fairly new. It is most disconcerting. I have attached two sets of diag files one today, and one two days ago. Can I reuse the 4TB disk? Appreciate you assistance. Regards. cL clnasty-diagnostics-20190329-1927.zip clnasty-diagnostics-20190327-2238.zip 20190329-1943-Preclear.log.txt