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  1. I beieve I did, I just downgraded it and its back to working. Now I need to figure out why it isnt updating to 6.4.1 the check for updates plugin is missing. I assume its because I have ca auto update applications installed. But its not updating unraid either.
  2. I performed a manual upgrade from 6.4.0 to 6.4.1 now cant get to startup cant ping machine. I would welcome suggestions as to how to resolve it?
  3. The share was gone from the config. I created it just on the disk im restoring and excluded all other disks and spun them down now copying files to the resotred disk share and will include more disks to the share for each disk restore. Sound like the right way to go?
  4. Can I just re add the missing shared folder to all the drives again and put the files back in each one then create the share again in unraid or will that delete the contents?
  5. Ya right now im puting one drive from the array at a time on my pc running the recovery to a USB drive putting the original disk back in the array and moving the recovered data over to it. Then starting the process again. That would be the best way to do it right? I'd love to have a backup but its cost prohibitive to backup 30TB for me so I have to settle for backing up only the most important.
  6. Looks like it will recover easily got one drive back so far with names and directory structure intact. Will be a long process.
  7. Yes i have rebooted. Didnt realize it would clear the log.
  8. I don't think Wifi was compromised. I use Unifi controller has good reporting all my devices are labeled in it no unknown devices in last 24 hours.
  9. 3 computer 2 pc 1 mac plus the server. Router is a Asus. I might of used that password for the server for other internet services. Could of been compromised.
  10. Not sure what error would delete a directory off all 10 HD's in the Array. Im open to other theories.
  11. How would I ensure it isn't exposed to the internet?
  12. I came home and my server was stopped, one of my shares was completely missing and I have 90% of my array free. I checked all the drives in the array they all are missing the same share over 9 disks. Running this utility on the drive now to scan for anything recoverable.
  13. Some of my shared windows folders on unraid were deleted and the majority of my server is now free space. What commands or utilities can I run to retrieve my data? I changed my root password on unraid what else can i do to prevent this. Im missing TB's of data what can i do if anything to recover it?