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  1. I've been using Unraid for a good 10 years now, moving from a couple of hand-me-down gaming PCs to finally building a real (for me) dual Xeon 30TB media server with 13 data drives, 2 parity drives and a couple for SSDs for cache. I run about 20 Docker containers and a couple of VMs for good measure. Last week an old drive died, and the server was down a total of 10 minutes for the drive swap with (of course) no data loss. Oh, and I'd love one of the badges for my server.
  2. I'm hoping that someone can help me with a potentially unusual usage model. I'm wanting to use the Emby media server docker, but I have a need to map my library to SMB shares, so that there can be a 1:1 path with Kodi clients for ISO mapping purposes. In my old Emby server under Windows, a sample media path would be \\tower\Films\, which would allow a different client to be able to easily mount an ISO from the same path. This means that the standard model of using the traditional mapped paths such as /mnt/user/Films wouldn't work, as it creates errors when I try and 'play' an ISO in Kodi. Streaming flies of course work fine, but I have hundreds of ISOs and the process in converting them (including all supplements) is a many months-long journey. So far I've tried restarting the docker container and the entire docker service, and trying privileged mode to no avail - I can't seem to get anything to show up under Network when I try and create my media library. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Wanted to add a +1 here. My Twonky eval period is just about over, and it just doesn't seem worth paying the $40 for it. I'd be happy to put something similar (or more) into a SlimServer solution for UnRAID. No Beer, huh? How about gourmet coffee or tea?
  4. I had very bad luck with these drives on my Athalon XP system with 2 promise TX4s. They would bring down the array just about every time there were multiple read/writes. Note that this would still happen even if they were plugged into my Mainboard SATA controller (standard Sil3114). I RMA'd the drives with NewEgg (who took them back without a restocking fee) and replaced them with WD7500AACSes. No issues since then. Just one user's experience- and it was probably an issue with my particular config. Thought I should warn folks though.