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  1. Lol, now that you've pointed this out I can't un-see it myself. 😊 I'm running Chrome with the dark theme.
  2. I purchased the ASRock Rack E3C246D4U and there is a way to enable the iGPU without installing the beta BIOS. I'm currently running P2.30 with iGPU enabled. There is a key combination you need to press when booting your system. After powering on the boot splash screen will display the ASRock Rack image and the message “Updating FRU system devices”. When you see "Updating FRU system devices" press ctrl+alt+F3 and it will load the BIOS menu. In BIOS menu, you will see an additional page labeled IntelRC Chipset. Select System Agent (SA) Configuration, then Graphics Configuration,
  3. That is the retail version of the EARS drive. I've got three of them installed in my server: WDC_WD20EARS is what shows up.