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  1. Wish I could help, but I followed the VM YouTube tutorial & all works.
  2. @ghost82, you are correct! I hadn't updated this post since I figured that out a day ago, but I actually just rebooted unraid all-together, and I could then verify the USB-serial through the Home Assistant VM. Thank you!
  3. Ended up having another (working) USB-serial device laying around, but now have a new issue: Device shows up in unraid terminal. It's the PL2303 It shows up in my Home Assistant VM settings: But it doesn't show up within my Home Assistant VM terminal: Any ideas?
  4. I used JuanMTech's YouTube video to setup the VM, but prior when I was trying Docker I followed Spaceinvader One's post which shows how to setup remote access. I don't have my own domain so used As for https access to the HA VM, I didn't try anything unraid-based, but from within HA used an add-on. I'd tell you the add-on but ironically, for the first time, Supervisor is not loading remotely (but HA core is running fine). I'm pretty sure it's nginx. As for memory usage, that's a bit surprising. I think I only have like 8GB of RAM on my unraid & haven't seen any issues running HA, Plex, and a couple of minor Dockers. I only allocated like 2GB of RAM to HA.
  5. Though I eventually got Docker HA working with Swag through a lot of trial and error, it was all for nothing because I moved to VM so I could have Supervisor (which I highly recommend). Not sure you should waste your time with HA in Docker IMO.
  6. Ok, so sorry for wasting everyone's time. It must be something with my USB-serial device, because I just tried a USB mouse and it shows. Win10 also has some issue with my USB-serial device. Will get another one. Thanks for the effort. EDIT: found a different USB-serial laying around and it shows up!
  7. Let me experiment with a completely different USB device and report back. Thanks.
  8. Does this help? It doesn't appear to show in the devices because if I unplug it & re-run the command, it's the same. The 2nd photo is my Home Assistant VM settings.
  9. Good news, but though longtime unraid user, this is my first attempt at pass-through. Should it just show up after a reboot, because it doesn't. Thanks
  10. My Intel i3-4170 does not support VT-d (but does VT-x, as VM works fine). Does this mean I cannot passthrough a USB-serial device to my Home Assistant VM?
  11. In case someone finds this thread with my same issue, I finally figured it out after tons of trial-and-error, and research. Though my network.cfg file seemed normal and intact, I found other instances where users couldn't select the network bridge br0 until they renamed/deleted network.cfg, so I tried it. I then could select br0 in the VM HA setup & all works. Now I just need to get the proxy working...
  12. Hoping this is appropriate for this thread: Have HA Core Docker working along with ngnixproxymanager, and decided I want Supervisor. The new HA Sup VM appears to be running per the VNC terminal, and I stopped the Docker's (even tried turning Docker off all-together), but I can't get http://homeassistant.local:8123/ or to connect. What is this newb doing wrong? HA_VM_settings.pdf
  13. That's exactly the info I was looking for. I will continue to play with Core. It's going well (after a deep dive to get it behind a proxy, and just general understanding and programming of HA) so once I decide to stick with HA long-term, I'll go the VM route with Supervisor. Thanks.
  14. Great thread. Just what I was looking for. New to HA but have the core Docker working well for a few days, but really would like Supervisor. Have no interest in getting a Raspberry Pi when I already have unraid running. No experience with unraid VM's, so I'd love to stick with Docker. I'm considering the "unsupported" hassio_supervisor Docker, but am confused between the posts of people that like it, and others that say it's unstable... Is anyone happy with Docker's hassio_supervisor?