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  1. sweet, excuse the ignorance do i need to download a new theme or its just a setting?
  2. is there any way to revert to the old gui look? im so use to the old one.....
  3. Gents, Pleae excuse the ignorance, appologies in advance. Taking in account that both the HP NC523SFP and Mellanox mnpa19-xtr cards are supported is it possible to connect these together via DAC or fibre, I have been running 2 Mellanox cards but wanted a 2 port card on my unraid box. I have a SFP+ DAC and pair of compatible Mellanox gbics (10Gtek MFM1T02A-SR) and fibre OM4 LC LC MM duplex working fine with the card, would this work with the HP? Thanks Konrad
  4. I'll try 900 which is 15 minutes?, 30 mins poll might be the issue with icons only..
  5. Hi Gents, Ive updated to 6.5.3 again, the disks went to sleep after 30 minutes or so, will keep an eye out on this and if it stops spinning down to default 15 mins ill attach diagnostics. stand by..
  6. Gents, My array doesn't spin down as expected after 15 minutes if I upgrade from 6.4.1, I had this problem previously so I reverted back to 6.4.1, tonight I attempted to once again upgrade to new release 6.5.3 and the same problem occurs. As far as I can see no one is accessing the shares, no activity on the disks, no VMs, only 1 active docker MariaDB which is not being used either. If I spin down the array manually the disks dont spin up again and stay powered down. Any suggestions or advice in where to start troubleshooting this? I have copied the inf
  7. thanks so much, really appreciate the feedback and advice
  8. Would om4 work ? What's the difference between om3 and 4? I bought this I suppose I can change if it doesn't work
  9. Chris, would these Cisco Units work?
  10. Hi Guys, I got a SFP+ DAC cable, but also wanted to fiber connection with the peer to peer MNPA19-XTR for a potential longer run. What 10Gbe fiber module do you recommend and cable? There seem to be a lot of choices on ebay cisco, HP, IBM 850nm v.s 1610nm etc? Some parts and explanation on differences would be fantastic Thanks very much in adavnce Konrad
  11. ok noted, so with a pcieX1 via 10Gbe ASUS card, and an SSD cache whats the best i can expect from read write, the disk can do 500MBps normally?
  12. mnini-pcie runs at x1 speed, woudl the ASUS XG-C100C 10Gbe function under x1 when its a x4 card?
  13. Hi Gents, Looking to replace my mini-atx motherboard (ASRock B150M-ITX/D3 ) Intel B150 running an intel i3-6100 cpu and DDR with IBM SAS M1015 card in a Li-lan pc-q25 case. Looking for an equivilant mini-itx/dtx board to support the exisitng memory and cpu but with 2 x pcie ports so that i can add an ASUS XG-C100C 10Gbe card into the system in conjunction to the exirtitng ibm 1015 card. There are a few options for a Gen8 1151 socket cpu's. Anyone has a suggestion for a Gen 6 (intel i3-6100 cpu) MB with the required slots and atleast 4 sata slots? Thanks
  14. Gents, Is there a quality Mpcie card out there with atleast 4 ports that works well with unraid? Apparently anything with Marvel chipset is an issue, any recommendations? Would use this in conjunction with an IBM 1015. Thanks Konrad
  15. Thanks for the Marvel heads up. Just cancelled it, is there a Mpcie sata card with atleast 4 ports that works well with unraid?
  16. Look here, The mini pcie socket is on RHS of the 5 sata ports. I ended up purchasing the SATA 4 port card instead, is anyone able to verify if the card would work with Unraid? the spec for the MB states that the minipcie port is for "**This Mini-PCI Express Slot supports WiFi and mSATA devices" I took the risk assuming that it woudl work with the marvel SATA board above? Also if most of these Mpcie ports are reserved for wifi or Msata devices how do people get these working with
  17. Hi Guys, My ASRock B150M-ITX/D3 comes with 1 x PCiex16 slot which I am currently using with a IBM SAS M1015 card. I wanted to add a ASUS XG-C100C 10Gbe into the setup but the only free slot that I have onboard is a mini pcie. I found these mini pcie to pcie x 16 riaser / converter boards here: I was wondering if anyone had experiance with these working in unraid in conjunction with a SAS card like the IBM SAS M1015 card or the ASUS 10GBE card My preffered option is: 1. Move the IBM 1015 to the converter board above and utilise the MB pcie slot for the
  18. Hi Guys, it seems that a lot of members here put 2 x 3.5" hard drives on the bottom RHS bay of the Lian li case as pictured here: this bracket is not included with the case, can I please confirm where it is sourced from or an equivalent?
  19. HP ProLiant G7 N54L Microserver 8GB with Custom Lian-Li External 3 bay enclosure. Previously used as media storage NAS with UNRAID Please see ebay post for pictures.. Specs: Processor: AMD Turion™ II Neo N54L (2.2GHz) AMD RS785E/SB820M chipset Memory: Two (2) DIMM slots 8GB (2x4GB) PC3-10600 DDR3 800MHz Storage Controller: Embedded AMD SATA controller with RAID 0, 1 Embedded AMD eSATA controller for conn
  20. not sure the source is here post #1226
  21. Hi Guys, thought on power supplies and quality Silverstone ST45SF-G vs corsair CS450M. A few users use the corsair over the Silverstone ST45SF 450w also modular vs non modular? apparently non modular have a higher heat rating and thus a better quality components inside?
  22. yes i can from these guys, here are some candidates for your spec Gary any suggestions on these?
  23. Looks great!,looks like its EOL in Australia not sourcable