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  1. @dlandon would it be possible to only log deletes? or have an option to? I have been trying to track down rogue deletes for a long time and this plugin could greatly assist with that. or maybe add a notification upon a file delete? Edit/update: I found where the log file was kept and I setup a script to run every minute to grep out the delete events and clear everything else, and then re-write the log file with only the delete events. This allows me to use the tool but only keep the deleted log events. Awesome tool BTW!
  2. I just wanted to provide an update to this posting - as it turns out, the issue was with SMR drives being used in the system. While we removed the 9206 cards, it wasn't until we moved the SMR drives out of the parity that we were able to clear the issue.
  3. Shared No idea what happened.. They appear is /mnt/user0 but now showing up on dashboard.
  4. No issues for me. Been using this for a few years now.
  5. File as requested. file_20200109_123133.tar.gz
  6. 2nd 2308 gives very similar results at this point. Nothing in the BIOS stands out but I have an HPE storage engineer looking at it as well. Hopefully he can assist with the PCI negotiations..
  7. I am using the HP 468405-002 and using a PCI-e to USB3 adpater to power it. The p420i is the onboard running the HP OEM dirves in a raid array acting as a cache drive. Ive rebooted and installed a second SAS2308 card for testing as well. Ive also attached a fresh diagnostic report. I dont exactly follow what you mean by PCIe switch.
  8. SAS expander in and no change. What I did come across is someones comment about is that old drives connected to this controller will cause drive speed issues across all of the drives. I think i will do some more testing as I am using a bunch of very old disks in this setup.
  9. It has 4 ports on it - 2 connect to 1 chip, two connect to the other. Also on the over-heating - its unlikely as this card is in a 1U HP enterprise server. It has enough fan power to take flight.
  10. Here is the same benchmark from the H310 - technically slower card - though it has much better/faster drives attached to it. Single disk reads are nearly identical to multi-disk reads. This is what I would expect the 2308 card to perform like.
  11. diags are at the top of this post - haven't rebooted since but i can pull a new one if you like. There are a ton of drive errors which have been resolved due to bad SAS cables but speeds are still way off from previous SAS card. The H310 shows max throughput of only 4 GB/s compared to the 6GB/s on the 2308.
  12. No real change in multi-drive reads. It does appear to have increased the single drive speed reads though. Also I want to mention - the ONLY thing that I changed was the SAS card and cables. Ive added that to the image. Comparing that to my other system with H310 cards installed, this one should be faster.
  13. Update #2 - for some reason, single disk speeds are normal, but when reading from all disks, speeds are slow. This was apparent with a parity check and using the DiskSpeed container and benchmarking all disks on the controller. By all accounts, the new SAS card should be much faster than the old SAS card.
  14. Quick update - the replacement cables are in and so far, issues seem to have been resolved, even though I am over the 1M total length spec. Currently at 1.5M but running a parity check and no errors. I also ordered a SAS expander so will be implementing that later this week as well.