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  1. I asked about this before and there was no real solution, which is fine. But maybe there's a work around. Every so often, a UPS (Back-UPS ES 550) on one of my servers will go into fail mode. Constant tone on the device, is what I mean. I then have to stop the array, shutdown the server, then finally power down the UPS. I can wait a few seconds then press the button again. It powers up fine, and then I can power up the server. There must be a way to reboot the UPS without shutting down the server. Anyone?
  2. On my three servers, they each get power from an APC UPS. They're all connected via the standard USB cables for UPS devices. I don't have exact numbers, but very often they don't perform a clean shutdown when necessary. Today I was in my office across the house, doing normal office stuff. When I finished and went to leave the room, I could hear an alarm. I walk over to the server closet, and Freewill is off, the UPS (Back-UPS ES 550) is off, and the alarm is a solid tone. I press the button to power up the UPS and it's fine, solid green light. I power up the server, no issues. After a few minutes I can see the webgui and the battery is at 100% charge, with load at 15%. wtf
  3. Just like with unRAID, I'm a very basic user. pfsense saved me when I upgraded my internet to 400/25. I was shocked my RT-AC66U with merlin couldn't handle those speeds. I don't use any dockers; I only have the most basic settings enabled in pfsense. But both options do exactly what I need.
  4. Wow. Can't believe I didn't click the icon. Key 12 is set to, but my network is Should that variable be adjusted?
  5. I almost always can find the answer to whatever issue I'm having using google. My issue is never unique; someone else has experienced it and there is a solution. Not this time. I've installed Docker (long time unRAID user, first time Docker user), then added the app binhex-rtorrentvpn. I can access the page within unRAID webgui to edit the application values, and everything appears (first time Docker user; I can't be sure there isn't an error) to be normal. I simply cannot figure out how to access the rtorrent webui. I've tried all of the ports listed in the application values and none will load. I've searched this thread for webgui and webui, but no one actually mentions how to set it up for the first time. I've read quite a few README files and found nothing about a webui. Can someone help me get me started?
  6. And here are the details of the disk with an issue: May 7 20:23:44 Limelight kernel: ata3.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x6 May 7 20:23:44 Limelight kernel: ata3.00: edma_err_cause=00000084 pp_flags=00000001, dev error, EDMA self-disable May 7 20:23:44 Limelight kernel: ata3.00: error: { UNC } May 7 20:23:45 Limelight kernel: blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sdd, sector 790291064 May 7 20:23:45 Limelight kernel: md: disk14 read error, sector=790291000
  7. Getting a FAIL notice for this server in my server notifications. In the main web gui, the disk displays a green ball and one error. I'd like to either fix the issue (that may not actually exist) with the disk, or prevent the notification from sending an incorrect report. WDC_WD20EARX-00PASB0_20170516-0959.zip limelight-syslog-20170516-0957.zip
  8. Final paragraph states five year warranty.
  9. Thanks, ken-ji. I'll give it a try.
  10. Every day at 03:00, Kodi runs a backup and saves the folder to an unRAID server. yyyymmdd0300 is the name, with the date changing for every new backup. I just deleted 201605260300, leaving 201605270300 as the only directory. Currently, I'm just opening a PuTTY window and running 'rm -rf dirname' every morning. It's about 5gb and ~70,000 files, so Windows take a LONG time to delete across the network when using Total Commander. I'd like to automate this process, taking great care to leave today's backup but deleting the yesterday's files. Saving location: mnt/user/Backup but I should probably make it's own share so nothing else goes there. I've looked at a few scripts, but they haven't accounted for a dir name that changes. At least the scripts I've found...
  11. Are you using a cyberpower ups by any chance? No, they're all APC.
  12. I found my project for tomorrow after the parity check completes... Thanks!
  13. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot that?
  14. Battery level to initiate shutdown (%): 10 Runtime left to initiate shutdown (minutes): 10 Time on battery before shutdown (seconds): 300 Even more strange, the power went out today. Like a full blackout. Everything was fixed and the power back on about an hour later, but this same server had an unclean shutdown. That seems odd to me. The other two shut down cleanly without input from me. AS THEY SHOULD!!!