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  1. My volume mapping is data > mnt/cache/Downloads Checking out that directory in MC, there was no dir called incomplete. I created one. Downloads started after clicking retry in SABnzbd. Not sure if incomplete existed before, or downloads were occurring despite it not existing. I guess we'll never know.
  2. This error popped up for me a few weeks ago. It repeated a few times, and a container restart fixed it each time. Well, a container restart isn't working today. What other info is needed to start troubleshooting? sabnzbd (1).log
  3. I'm trying to find threads that explain the allocation method and split level I should choose, but haven't found my answer yet. The disks need to not get so full that this problem comes back. It's a pretty simple request (as far as I can tell), but threads I've read so far are talking about preventing the spreading of TV seasons across multiple disks. I don't really care about that. AM: high water Free Space: 16GB SL: Auto split only the top level as required This server contains torrents and a movie share that are active. The other shares are only for deep storage/backup and are rarely written to. It's a mix of 1TB, 1.5TB, and 2TB disks, totaling ten data and one parity. 14.5TB capacity, 2.42TB free. Final edit: I've been active with unRAID for ten years (the anniversary of my first server was yesterday) and I've never had this issue, nor have I had to worry about the settings I've always used.
  4. I just happened to look at disk usage in the webgui for unRAID. Turns out disk1 was full, and even though I had set that share to use all disks the error would still pop up, obviously. I successfully used Putty to transfer data from one disk to another: mv mnt/disk1/Torrentz/mine mnt/disk5/Torrentz/mine Maybe someone else can get some use out of my struggles.
  5. unRAID v6.8.3 plugins: Community Applications Dynamix Cache Directories Dynamix Schedules Unassigned Devices Unassigned Devices Plus Docker Containers: binhex-deluge binhex-sabnzbd I just bought a new SSD, mobo, CPU, and RAM to refresh my 9.5 year old desktop. Install of Windows 10 Pro was fine, although I didn't know where my Putty sessions were saved and I lost those. Not the end of the world, obviously. The big items like email and uTorrent settings were able to be imported from the old AppData folders without an issue. But something is different this time. I will get "disk is full" errors when writing data to random SECOND depth directories on one server. The other two servers have no issues writing to any depth. Torrentz is a share. I use Total Commander, but have the same error using Windows File Explorer. The path in TC is \\\Torrentz\mine or I can choose the Network Drive U:\Torrentz\mine. Both fail. I can write to *\Torrentz. Just figured this out: A path that was working before a reboot just now, no longer allows writing. I deleted that dir and recreated it. Same name. I can write to it now. Using Putty, If I run mv move/* mine that will write to /Torrentz/mine. That worked before I deleted and recreated /move. Checking from Total Commander, that new dir /move and /mine have the same security attributes as far as I can tell. Pressing alt+Enter is how I'm viewing them for each directory. I've rebooted both my PC and the server. I'm dying here. Where do I start to get this fixed? syslog.txt
  6. The webgui is showing an update available to 3.1.1, and the link is to The docker page shows "up-to-date", but I think that's the docker container. I don't have any issues with sabnzbd at the moment, so I don't see a need to update. But for the future, what is the update process if the webgui shows an update available and I actually want to?
  7. Well, the port I chose is open. And these are the correct settings?
  8. How can I test for an open port? I've always used, but that was for a local IP, never on a server.
  9. IIRC, I had trouble setting up the non-VPN version of binhex-deluge. It was a long time ago. The client functions mostly okay without a VPN. Is one required? I'm running binhex-delugevpn. I'm not sure why I would post in a different thread. I don't want to run a VPN for torrents.
  10. Thanks for the reply. My system is not running through a VPN.
  11. I installed binhex-delugevpn 5 months ago to help remedy my uTorrent difficulties. Deluge has been great, but I'm not sure the port forwarding was setup correctly. is how I test my local machine for open ports, and it shows as OPEN! when testing the port I have set for uTorrent. The port for deluge daemon is open, when tested using grc. I've followed a few different tutorials for setting up Port Forward rules in pfsense. None have worked for Deluge obviously. The rule for uTorrent is working just fine and the options for deluge are the same. WAN, TCP, Other, etc. Redirect target IP is the IP of the server where deluge is running. Can someone ask the correct questions to help me get this figured out?
  12. version 2.0.4dev23 Windows 10 Chrome A few days ago I had to quickly add some torrents to uTorrent instead of Deluge, so I re-associated .torrent files with uTorrent. I right clicked the .torrent file, and saved it to a folder. Then I right clicked the file and chose to open with uTorrent. Now I'm done with that project, I'd like to go back to the old way of adding torrents to Deluge. Before I would hold ctrl and left click the .torrent file. This process would save the file to /data/add, then the AutoAdd thing would start the torrent in Deluge. That doesn't work anymore. I've added the extension delugesiphon, but it's an extra step. Yes, I'm whining about one click... What am I doing wrong here?