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  1. @Maticks did you get networking working on 6.7.2 in ESXi ? I'm having the same issue. Older versions work fine.
  2. WOW!, 1 year later and this is still happening. How time flies. I replaced the SAS cables, Cache drive and all my array drives over the last year. Also got a new UPS. I was able to remove my RAID card 2 days ago as i'm now down to 3x 8TB disks. Has not crashed yet after removing the RAID card, but i also removed a 4TB at exactly the same time and it's only been 2 days. Sometimes it stays up 20-30 days without a crash.
  3. Hey all, I've been struggling with what appears to be random reboots for a long time now. I have already done quite a lot of troubleshooting, memory tests, etc. It's been ongoing for along time. I thought it was bad drives but I just decommissioned 6x old drives that all had errors and replaced them with 2x 8TB IronWolfs, i also replaced my 120GB cache with a 500GB 860 EVO and bought a 900w decent UPS. I took out a now un-used ethernet card and just have onboard. I also removed a RAID expander i had as i have 7 drives now which can fit directly on my RAID ca
  4. Although its not necessary. I would like to use different ranges for different zones in my house. I'm converting my home to a smart home and have a lot of devices including lights, cameras, power points, blinds, etc. I like to static assign these devices. 10.0.0.x range i was keeping for network infrastructure. is my pfSense is my smart switch are my 6 AP's etc. 10.0.1.x are devices in my server cupboard 10.0.2.x are devices outside 10.0.3.x are devices in my lounge 10.0.4.x are devices in my
  5. Why is there no option for /8 subnet ? I run a pfSense and use a /8 subnet so i can use - With a /16 subnet i can only use - Obviously i don't need that many ip addresses. However i want to group different zones into different ranges. Not having a /8 option limits me to the C and D only when i would really like to use B as well. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I have been getting random crashes quite a lot recently. I had a SSD cache drive that was bad that i thought was causing the issues. After removing the crashes became less frequent, so maybe it was an issue as well. I haven't been able to capture proper diagnostics as the WebUI, SSH and console are all unavailable. I turned on "Troubleshooting Mode" in "Fix Common Problems" and grabbed the attached items. Intel i5 3470 CPU (Ran prime95 on the CPU for a few hours, never broke a sweat as i have water cooling) 16GB DDR3 RAM (2x 8GB ran Memtest86 fo
  7. Can report that this has solved my VM issues.
  8. Crashed whilst doing the reiserfsck on the corrupt disk. I was unable to access the WebUI, SSH, physical console (keyboard not responding), there was nothing onscreen except the normal login. So i was unable to capture diagnostics. I powered off the machine and removed the disk from the server. Its now powered back on and i'll use my disk dock thats connected to a usb card thats passthroughed to a VM to have a look at the disk. During the crash that corrupt disk11 i was putting quite a bit of load on that disk. Its also my oldest disk. Now that its removed i'm hopi
  9. To get it up and running i removed disk 11 from the config, theres nothing i need on that disk currently. I restarted the array and its up and running. Cache disk is fine. I'll run some checks on that disk and add it back if i can. I had some bad crashes a couple of months ago that stopped right after i removed a bad 120GB SSD that was the second disk in the cache pool. During those crashes it corrupted 1 XFS disk, i was in the middle of a disk recovery on a new disk when my power went out which corrupted 2 more XFS disks. So i ended up with 3x corrupted XFS disks. Curr
  10. Hey, I'm having an issue getting my server started. Last night i upgraded from 6.3.5 to 6.4.1, everything seemed to be going well and working smoothly until today when i woke up. I noticed my server was inaccessible. I had put a new (second hand) motherboard and CPU in my server months ago and have had a few crashes since then. I only just updated the BIOS to the latest version (it was a 2012 board on its release version). Perviously i had been running a ASUS P6T and i7 920 from 2008 (24/7 for 8+ years). Reason why it crashed aside its now not mo
  11. Really like the 6.4.1 update. Theres even a balance button for the BTRFS formatted drive.
  12. Much appreciated. My workflow can resume. I use the VM daily to do disk backups on client machines before formatting drives and reinstalling the OS. I have a few disk docks connected to a USB3 pcie card thats passthroughed to the VM. I had to revert back to a spare bare metal machine when the issue started.
  13. root@unRAID:~# btrfs balance start -dusage=75 /mnt/cache Done, had to relocate 50 out of 114 chunks root@unRAID:~# devid 1 size 111.79GiB used 85.79GiB path /dev/sdi1 I have downloaded and installed the 6.4.1, just waiting 20 mins for a copy to finish and ill reboot. Thanks for the help, ill report back when i know the result. I do recall seeing devid at 111.79GiB used but just thought it meant the partition was using the whole disk. I had and still have no idea about how a BTRFS format drive works. Is there anything else i'll need to do ?
  14. It paused again, sometime since my last post. unraid-diagnostics-20180217-2217.zip
  15. Thanks, i'll try and get it to do it again and note the time so its easier to pin point in the diagnostics. I have 47GB free on the host disk.