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  1. I've been getting a lot of update notifications for this with the LTS tag over the past week or so. When I update it says it's already up to date and doesn't pull any information. ": Image is up to date" Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. well using usb 2 fixed the problem.
  3. I might try that first as I like the idea of using USB 3 if possible.
  4. thanks I'll try that tonight. I know it is plugged into a USB 3 port.
  5. You are right. Nothing is mounted at /boot
  6. I see some other people are having problems with 6.7 and network settings. I don't get an networking under 6.7. Doesn't pull a valid IP. I have tried clearing out my settings to default and that doesn't seem to do it. Also my diagnostics don't seem to be sticking from 6.7. I run them under 6.7 from the console and they save. I can see them in /boot/logs but once I shutdown they are gone. I also can't see any of my old logs in /boot/logs under Unraid but can under another computer. Here are my logs from 6.6.7. tower-diagnostics-20190521-0032.zip
  7. It looks like there is an extra variable in your code. https://downloads.rclone.org/v${RCLONE_VERSION}/rclone-v${RCLONE_VERSION}-linux-${PLATFORM_ARCH}.zip Where the actual url should be. https://downloads.rclone.org/rclone-current-linux-amd64.zip
  8. I have tried upgrading to 6b12 but I am having serious network issues. I first thought it was the Realtek chipset that is on my motherboard but I just bought an Intel card and it doesn't work either. They both work in version 5 though. If I toggle the intel card up and down it will pull an ip for a few seconds and will ping my router. Then it gets major packet loss (88%) until it goes completely down a minute later.
  9. I doubt it's the cabling. I have replaced the cables and double checked it. You are correct as I don't have IDE drives. They are all SATA but I do have two other SATA controllers that drives are connected to. I will check that it is set to AHCI
  10. interestingly it's only happening on Seagate drives and the old motherboard did not fix it.
  11. So tonight I upgraded my motherboard and now have 3 unformatted drives. After I swapped the motherboard I checked the array and everything was green. I then upgraded to 6v12 but my network card wouldn't work. Downgraded back to 5.06 and took a closer look at the array. 3 Unformatted disks. Ran reiserfsck --check /dev/md and it wants me to run rebuild-sb. Any help would be appreciated. I have data on these drives and would like to save it. syslog.txt
  12. Couldn't I get away with this card instead of the one you recommended? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816124064
  13. If I a 5 slot cage to max out my case then I will need 5 more ports. I will either just get a separate port expander or a sas/sata card but can't find one with PCI-express x1.