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  1. Installed the ownCloud update this morning, and now when I try to access the site (which has been running for months), I'm prompted to perform a new initial setup. Suggestions?
  2. Latest update has solved the problem. Thanks binhex!
  3. I've updated to the latest docker version and have waited about 2 hours. The docker still will not start. Any suggestions?
  4. Will the next update also include ownCloud 8.2?
  5. ownCloud 8.1 is now out. Any ETA on when it'll find it's way into the docker image? Thanks
  6. I'm using the plugins from the first page of this thread, and rebooting my server does not bring the settings page back.
  7. Did an update check for my plugins but it didn't find anything. Logged into plex.tv and launched the web console for Plex which notified me there was an update. Clicking the link gave me a download. Gave my server a reboot, and now Plex seems to have been updated, but I can't get into the settings for the plugin anymore. Webpage keeps trying to load but I get just the menu, and the "Plex Media Server" grey divider bar. Functionality hasn't been impeded, but can't get into the plugin settings. No rush, and Thank You!
  8. There a new Plex update today. Any ETA as to when it will be available through the plugin update?
  9. There was a folder for each plugin I previously tried to install so I removed them and reboot the server. Attempted to install CouchPotato (by pasting in the link to the plugin), and again it looks like it installed, but nothing shows up in the Settings. log.txt
  10. The log says nothing about even trying to install the plugin.
  11. I'm setting up a new instance of unRaid for my brother-in-law. I've got Plex up and running, but now when I try to install additional plugins, they all give me the following details, but the plugin doesn't install. /usr/local/sbin/plugin install https://github.com/PhAzE-Variance/unRAID/raw/master/Plugins/Sabnzbd.plg 2>&1 plugin: installing: https://github.com/PhAzE-Variance/unRAID/raw/master/Plugins/Sabnzbd.plg plugin: downloading https://github.com/PhAzE-Variance/unRAID/raw/master/Plugins/Sabnzbd.plg plugin: skipping: /tmp/Sabnzbd-script already exists plugin: running: /tmp/Sab
  12. Can anyone point me in the direction I need to go in order to add plugins to the ownCloud docker? I'm not completely familiar with how to interact with it (ie: copy files in/out, etc).
  13. I updated earlier today and so far so good.....I haven't seen the issue pop up again. Thank you for your efforts gfjardim. Edit: Gateway issue seems to be resolved. It's been rock solid since I updated. Thanks again!
  14. gfjardim: Any progress on tracking down the Bad Gateway issue?
  15. Thank you at least for that update.