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  1. Don’t install the second drive and keep it as a backup away from the server. Then when you need to expand, buy two more drives, fit one to the server and use the other as a backup for it. i keep my backups away from the server.
  2. Hello all, I am looking to set up a small ‘stable’ plex build for my wife. It will be built into an mATX cube (looking at Sugo SG02). I have a couple of 8tb drives, a 480gb SSD. And two matx boards with cpus (and associated RAM). - h110m with an I5 6400T - a320m with an A8 9600 this will run the plex, sonarr, radarr and sab dockers only. And sab will only run a few times a week. I am interested in using the combination that suits just this set up as i have plans for the other motherboard/CPU. Your thoughts would be appreciated. M0zz
  3. I am looking to build a SFF unraid server and, as i have everything backed up elsewhere that needs backing up, i wont be adding a parity drive (at least for the foreseeable). This would be used as a stable plex machine. And my 8 drive monster will be for other media and to play with VMs and Dockers. This again does not yet have a parity drive. But again i have the data backed up. Before UnRaid i stored everything on portable HDDs, which are now my backups. Parity is a very good idea, but it isn’t necessary.
  4. I don’t see why this cpu would have an issue with Unraid. I use a Ryzen 5 1600 which handles the basics and multiple dockers with no issue at all. Sits at less than 5% most of the time.
  5. I think this comes down to budget with regards to Motherboard and CPU, and what futureproofing you want. If you don't want a lot of dockers and VMs I think you don't need to go mad specs-wise. And as long as you keep hold of the USB stick with Unraid on. It will work out the box.
  6. Cheers JorgeB Finally got round to sorting this out. With the machine shut down, I took the opportunity to add a couple of extra drives, replace all SATA cables, label drives and give the whole PC a clean. On boot up all is back to normal. A big relief. Now to look into expanding my backup regimen and maybe getting a parity drive if I can afford it and something is on offer. M0zz
  7. Hello, I have been considering putting together a small media server, and was hoping to get away with using some old gear I have knocking about the place. The server will have a couple of decent sized drives and will just be used to serve plex on a TV and a couple of IPADS. I have an old motherboard with enough SATA slots and an AM1 Athlon 5150 in it, this is what I would prefer to use. Will this be enough? Thanks M0zz
  8. Diagnostics attached. tower-diagnostics-20210315-0927.zip
  9. OK. It is close to 1am here and i have just fired up my server and got disk 4 of my 5 disk array ‘missing’ and the drive has turned up in the unassigned drives as needing formating. I do not have a parity drive, but have the important data backed up. firstly, is there anything i can do to Resurrect this drive? secondly, if there is nothing i can do, how do i get my fifth drive into the fourth slot so i can start the server? Thanks in advance, M0zz
  10. Does that mean i have to add the old drive back again to remove it?
  11. So i add the new drive to the old drives position and use new config. this will remove the old drive from the array devices list and place the new one in its place?
  12. Hello, Bit of a noob question. But don’t want to fook anything up royally by ploughing on regardless. i have just replaced an old failing drive. I do not have a parity drive. I have read that I should use the “new config” tool, but reading the text of the tool i am a little confused. when it states all disks appear as “New” disk what does this mean? To me a “New” disk requires preclear and i am sure that doesnt mean this. Could someone clarify? Cheers, M0zz
  13. I pick up my server on Friday, so hopefully can get a good look at the beast and work out whats what. I have found a place for cheap CPU kits (and cheap CPUs if the Heatsinks are included), cheap memory and cheap PSUs. So I should have it up and running in a short amount of time. Just not with Unraid to begin with. I am going to play with ESXi and look into setting up a couple of VMs. Once I acquire a (some) cage(s) I will probably have a lot more questions, but I have several now, more to do with your setup (and ensuring I know which hardware HP is happy with), if you will indulge me... - Which usb add-on card are you using? - I have just noticed in your setup you are mixing SFF and LFF drives. Is this only allowed due to the second SAS controller? - Also which brand of LSI controller did you get? I thought non-HP cards would have the fans going crazy? - how are your UnRaid LFF HDDs and SSDs installed? I assume you acquired an ML350e drive cage? PS. I read somewhere that DL380 Gen8 Drive cages may be similar enough but require some physical alteration, unfortunately I can not find any information on the dimensions of any drive cages. It is a shame because the 8 SFF DL380 cages can be had for peanuts in comparison to the ML350.
  14. So you mentioned running this as a guest on ESXi. Is this just due to issues with GPU passthrough for VMs? or are there other HP shaped pains I will encounter with this build?
  15. OK. So I can keep an eye out for ML350e Gen8 cages as well. Thanks for that!