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  1. Here's the diag. Thank you everyone for checking this.
  2. I have a wide variety of hard drive sizes. One of my smaller drives is 98% full. If a share saves to drive 1, 2, and 3 and drive 2 becomes 100% full, will it automatically just save the data in drive 1 and 3? I'm constantly getting the error that drive 2 is full, is there a way to disable the alarm from drive 2?
  3. Thank you for posting this. If bitwarden ever goes belly up or decides to start charging, I'll go with the self hosting one. 🙂 Hopefully this helps others.
  4. I've been having issues booting with unraid. Sometimes it boots up with no issues. Most of the time it sits at the "hit del or f2" screen and nothing happens. I thought someone was going to ask me if I did a memtest. So I powered up pc, saw the unraid menu (yeahh!!) selected memtest. PC shutdown, rebooted and I didn't even get the "hit del or F2" just a blank screen. I've been dealing with this for 6 months and thought it was an issue with the power supply having a very low 3.3v output. So I installed a brand new high end PSU. Checked the bios voltages for 3.3v and it was fixed. Alas, I'm still have the boot issue. 😞 Does this sound like an issue with the usb thumb drive? I use the Kingston Digital DataTraveler SE9 16GB USB 2.0 DTSE9H/16GBZ thumb drive. I've changed from using a usb 3.0 to usb 2.0, changed from uefi boot to non uefi boot. I've gone from 2 stick of patriot G2 memory to 1 stick. Left the voltage at default for mem and bumped it up to 1.5v for xmp. I even popped in a 4gb ddr 3 non brand stick to see if both my memory sticks are the issue and still get the 1 out of 4 successful boots. To save everyone the time to look at my profile, I'm using this mb m5a99fx pro R2.0, AMI bios 2501. CPU AMD FX 8350
  5. I'm looking to replace my dead motherboard. Thinking about running a ryzen 3 1200 because my old server was an fx-8350 and it felt like overkill. I only stream on my lan to one TV with Plex. I don't do VM's. Only turn on the server to add a movie or series I bought and also turn it on just to do plex from my living room tv through my nvidia shield. Most of the movies I have are 1080p/4k and crunched down with handbrake as hvec format and have no problems with my current 1`gbit ethernet. I don't transcode, it's full resolution without any processing. So I checked and it shows that the ryzen processor is faster on single or dual core tasks than my fx-8350 which had 8 threads. Also it's half the watts of my fx-8350 and I'm paying $0.29/Kw Hour so that's a big deal for me. I can buy the processor for $126, the motherboard for $69 after rebate (it has 6 sata ports which is the # of drives in my array) 16gb of DDR 4 ram (DDR4 3000MHz C16) for $68. My case has plenty of slots left for hard drives, and I have the leftover cooler from my rizen 2700x that I didn't use because I water cool my main computer and didn't need it. I also am using a spare 800 watt power supply so that's taken care of too. I have an ati dvi port graphics card that I bought for $19 that's only used when I need to troubleshoot the server if unraid doesn't start. I know some of you are doing crazy processors for unraid because of VM's or your running tons of stuff. Are all those items above compatible with unraid and will this meet or exceed the system I had before? Thank you to tall in advance for any advice.
  6. Ditto on would be great if space invader created a video for this!
  7. No one know this answer or am I too stupid to know this was a stupid question?
  8. I'm very security conscious and don't want anyone accessing my server from the outside. My plex on unraid has external access disabled as one example. I would like to setup bitwarden to be used only on my lan (no reverse proxy). Is this doable? Is there a security risk by doing this?
  9. Can you give a brief description on how you do this?
  10. We are not planning to use the server from outside the lan. If we are only intersted in running bitwarden on our local network, can we securely install it without needing to connect a reverse proxy or vpn?
  11. That would make sense because when I created the unraid server, that motherboard has issues with the battery/RTC. Does that mean that NTP is not up and running when the server starts writing to the unraid thumb drive and hence the date/time is being pulled from the RTC?
  12. I did the same thing on a kingston data traveler 2.0 usb and it also immediately started to extracted the files. It moves to the 90% in 6 seconds and stayed there. Just when I was about to give up it's telling me it's done. Then I looked at the drive. It seemed ok (but I'm a newbee what do I know right?). Anyway, I pulled up the properties for it and noticed that it only had 7.2gb of capacity instead of 14gb+ for this 16gb drive. So the unraid utility has issues with 16GB drives. So then I popped out the kingston and plugged it back in to my win 10 pc. Ran the make bootable bat file to see if it would boot. Nope...that didn't work either. So then I formatted the drive as fat32. Copied the files manually from the zip, then ran the make bootable bat file. Transfered the usb drive to the unraid server and this worked.
  13. Another question. Why is the backup date 1969? In case your wonder if it's getting the date from the folders or the files on the root, the next picture shows nothing states 1969. Any ideas?