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  1. 35 hours and no lock up. Still none the wiser as to why a power cut changed anything.
  2. Well..... I was wrong. Memory was set to 3200 in the BIOS. I have set it to default and also changed the power supply idle setting. I have also attached another diagnostic and it hasn't locked up since coming back on. I am still confused as to why after the power cut it became unstable with no changes to the bios...... Also, can anyone recommend a UPS that will allow a clean shut down in the event of another power cut? mystique-diagnostics-20200707-2128.zip
  3. Thanks for replying. I will check the bios whem Memtest has finished but I don't think I have any overclocks (CPU or Memory) in place.
  4. Hi All, My Unraid server (6.8.2) was running just fine when we had a couple of powercuts a few days ago. I had been meaning to look into a UPS but never got around to it.... Anyway, I powered the system back up and let it do the usual parity check. All okay, but since then the server has repeatadly locked up/crashed. I have attached the diagnostics I grabbed between lock ups. What ever the problem is, it appears to be getting worse as the time between lock ups is decreasing. I am currently running memtest. I have tried running without Dockers and it still locked up. Can anyone help me with the next steps should the memtest pass okay? Server is running on Ryzen 5 1600 and 32gb memory. Cheers. mystique-diagnostics-20200707-1835.zip
  5. Thanks Squid. So far so good. I've been able to do more than before. This SSD is 4-5 years old so it might be worth replacing. Can I ask why it makes a difference connecting it via the HBA vs Motherboard? It has been working fine for the last 2-3 months connected to the HBA. Cheers
  6. I've gone in and connected it to the motherboard. Booted back up but the crc count on the ssd has gone from 52 to 75 now.
  7. Another update.... If I reboot the PC I get about 10 minutes of use before FCP alerts me to the fact the cache drive has gone read only. I was trying to rebuild my dockers after deleting and recreating the image but the install failed when the drive flipped to read only (see attached image) This is bizarre
  8. When I try and use unBalance to move the files it has this message; skipping:deletion:(rsync command was flagged):(/mnt/cache/appdata/FileBot/amc-exclude-list.txt) the files never make it to the cache drive
  9. Thanks Squid. I hav tried mover with the docker disabled and with prefer set but Mover runs for a few seconds and is then done. I've no idea how the docker appdata got onto the array but I seem to be in a situation where any writes or deletes that invlove the cache drive are just not working what so ever. I've tried using unBalance to move the files back to the cache drive but that isn't working either....
  10. I've noticed that my appData share was sitting in the array rather than cache. I have set it to use cache only but running mover isn't moving anything.
  11. Interesting, I did the following as part of following the advice above. Stopped Docker Stopped VM (Don't actually have any) Stopped the array Ran the btrfs check status Stopped the array Started the array normally Started the Docker service Started a couple of dockers. They worked okay - weren't working normall before. Tested deleteing a file that live in a share on the Cache drive and it actually went! All was good for a little while but I am back to square one again. Same error as before.
  12. Thank you for replying, I put the array into maintenance mode and ran the btrfs check status and got the following; Is that the right thing to run? Cheers
  13. Just got an email now saying the cache drive has CRC errors totalling 52. Is the drive dying?
  14. Hi All, A couple of days ago, I upgrades from 6.7 to 6.7.2. Everything looked to go okay. The yesterday I noticed some odd behaviour. I was trying to clear some entries from Radarr but noticed they kept reappearing when I refreshed the page. Then I got an email alert telling me that Fix Common Problems has found an issue. When I had a look it says "Unable to write to cache - Drive mounted read-only or completely full." It is not full and this is the content of the btrfs-usage.txt file in the diagnostics; Overall: Device size: 223.57GiB Device allocated: 30.02GiB Device unallocated: 193.55GiB Device missing: 0.00B Used: 7.43GiB Free (estimated): 215.27GiB (min: 215.27GiB) Data ratio: 1.00 Metadata ratio: 1.00 Global reserve: 16.56MiB (used: 0.00B) Data Metadata System Id Path single single single Unallocated -- --------- -------- --------- -------- ----------- 1 /dev/sdh1 29.01GiB 1.01GiB 4.00MiB 193.55GiB -- --------- -------- --------- -------- ----------- Total 29.01GiB 1.01GiB 4.00MiB 193.55GiB Used 7.28GiB 145.83MiB 16.00KiB I have attached the full diagnostics. Now I have been playing around I have noticed that Mover isn't moving files to the array after I changed the settings of a share to not use the cache. Mover runs but the files remain. I have noticed a few messages in the log that say the following; Jul 7 09:36:21 Mystique kernel: BTRFS error (device sdh1): bdev /dev/sdh1 errs: wr 87, rd 324, flush 0, corrupt 0, gen 0 Can anyone help? Cheers mystique-diagnostics-20190707-0850.zip
  15. Perfect, thank you very much. I've just been playing with the notification settings and have emails set up. I'll set up my array now, very excited! Cheers