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  1. I get the errors instead if i remove the plugin, so its more of an unraid thing, it tries to spin down the drive again and again... Not a problem for me as i have the disks to never spin down now.
  2. Yes I understand that the message should display, when timer reaches for example 15min. Or hitting spin down button. I did not push the button at all, just waited 15min, and the message loops every second. I could have provided a really long list with same messages. Yes I know, just wanted to give it a go with the latest FW, but unfortunately it didn't work. Nevertheless it's a great project!
  3. Really good work @doron! Just tried the commands against my SAS drives after upgrading firmware of the SAS controller. But "sg_start --readonly --pc=3 /dev/sgX" disables the drive, and i need a reboot to get it back. However, the plugin loops the "drive not supported" messages see below. Nov 18 20:13:45 Tower kernel: mdcmd (931): spindown 3 Nov 18 20:13:45 Tower kernel: mdcmd (932): spindown 4 Nov 18 20:13:45 Tower SAS Assist v0.7: disk 3 (/dev/sdh) not supported by SAS spindown plugin (excluded), not spun down Nov 18 20:13:46 Tower SAS Assist v0.7: disk 4
  4. Thanks @NNate that was it! Good catch!
  5. Hi, I posted in the b30 thread, that i have a performance impact when going from 6.8.3 to 6.9 beta. I did not have that with the first beta (was it 22 or something?) Post from b30 thread. I have the same problem now with beta 35, have tried different settings on the VMs but cant seem to resolve it. Does anyone have a similar problem? Diagnostics zip attached.
  6. A new version has been posted, ls62 and is working (at least for me) So linuxserver/emby:latest Is the one to use if you want to get the latest updates. @jcato @mbc0
  7. With the latest update i cant scan new media. It finds the media, but can't read what kind it is. And it wont play on Shield / Web. Media previously scaned works. I went back to linuxserver/emby: And all is working like before again.
  8. I did some more testing, reformated my cache pool with 1MB alignment. After that i tested with beta30 and the 6.8.3 It's a WS2019 no other difference than. On b30 i have Virtio-net anf i440fx-5.2 on 6.8.3 virtio and i440fx 4.2 Disk mark 7259 17187 CPU Mark 933 3135 Memorymark 813 1879 Quite a difference! (forgot to pull diagnostics file while on b30)
  9. Hi, i modified the script, and got it working. It's VERY simplified. And cusom to my setup. I modified 99-spinsasdown.conf to trigger "spindown 3" For my SAS disk 3. :msg,contains,"spindown 3" ^/usr/local/bin/unraid-spinsasdown And in your script unraid-spinsasdown I removed all intelligence and just spin down the correct disk. sg_start --readonly --pc=3 /dev/sg7 Unraid log after spin up / spin down in GUI Oct 21 10:27:41 Tower kernel: mdcmd (99): spinup 3 Oct 21 10:27:41 Tower kernel: md: do_drive_cmd: disk3: ATA_OP e3 ioctl error: -5 Oc
  10. Hi, I have tried to read up, but don't know if anyone got the same error as I have. I have a major performance decrease after beta 25 i think it was. Took like 10h to update a Windows 10 VM. And my Nextcloud docker is unbearable! I have looked at the excessive SSD write But i don't have any of that. Here's 6.8.3 Cache write. Normal operation. graph looks like this most of the time. Compared to 6.9b30, it's about the same. Different timeline though. Here is where i changed from beta30 to 6.8.3 unpacking a large file from windows ser
  11. How can I check that? I have disabled my hddtemp script, but i do have "cache dirs" running, can disable that for now.
  12. Hi, the log is empty as soon as i restart rc.rsyslogd. I used that file for an hour or so yesterday, and didn't get a single line in the log. I also went back to 6.8.3 yesterday due to performance problems. But i have the same issue with the log. And no spindown of SAS. I also have the same problem with 3 WD RED SATA drives. On the same controller i have 4 drives that go to standby as they should. They are actually on different channels. So the 4 drives working are on one, and 4 not working are on another. Maybe something there?! I had the same problem years ago with my WD RED not spinnin
  13. Got some read errors when the disk spun up again, no red X thank god! Nothing in the log unfortunately.
  14. Same again, pasted the text below. And restarted rc.rsyslogd. root@Tower:~# /etc/rc.d/rc.rsyslogd restart Starting rsyslogd daemon: /usr/sbin/rsyslogd -i /var/run/ Nothing in the log when i manually spin up / down disks. (And probably not when done automatically either). If i put the disk to sleep more than once it's still in standby. But the first time nothing happened. root@Tower:~# sdparm --command=sense /dev/sdh /dev/sdh: HP MB8000JFECQ HPD7 root@Tower:~# sg_start --readonly --pc=3 /dev/sg7 root@
  15. Nothing at all Will try again, i used winscp to edit the file. That should work right? I know, it's not updated all the time, but usually when unraid is spinning down the disks, it will change the status. Oct 19 14:40:56 Tower kernel: mdcmd (398): spinup 3 Oct 19 14:40:56 Tower kernel: md: do_drive_cmd: disk3: ATA_OP e3 ioctl error: -5 Oct 19 15:19:03 Tower kernel: mdcmd (409): spindown 3 Oct 19 15:19:03 Tower emhttpd: error: mdcmd, 2783: Input/output error (5): write Oct 19 15:19:03 Tower kernel: md: do_drive_cmd: disk3: ATA_OP e0 ioctl error: -5 O