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  1. Same problem. Works fine when i use Win7 template to install Win10, but when using Win10 template this happens. I want to use Win10 template cos it allows USB3 from the menu.
  2. Okay maybe I am missing on something, but where do i get the actual plugin? I have lmsensors up and running.
  3. Please include some kind of file browser to the GUI X11 enviroment, like Thunar (really lightweight). That would be really handy when sorting out files to different drives. MC does the trick, but it is not efficient in handling multiple drives at the same time, as for GUI file browser shines in that (for example having eight file browser opened simultaneously for different locations/disks). Hope this get included soon!
  4. This might have been covered already... What is the best way to connect to UnRaid GUI (X11) remotely? Is VNC supported out-of-the-box? Any plans to add XRDP to UnRaid?
  5. Thanks dmacias for the info! That sound pretty good, not perfect but good'ish enough i guess. Anyone have any experience using external (USB) fan controllers with Unraid? For example Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 LT USB could be pretty nice ( Seems to have some kind of Linux support ( Something like this could be used to make your fan control real smart, ie. only spin those hdd caddies fans that are in use etc.
  6. What is the best way to display temperature data on the webgui. Or are there any plans to integrate this feature on to the Unraid6? This would be cool thing to have on the dashboard view. My server has sensor package configured and sensor command works properly: root@tank:~# sensors acpitz-virtual-0 Adapter: Virtual device temp1: +45.0 C (crit = +127.0 C) temp2: +27.8 C (crit = +106.0 C) temp3: +29.8 C (crit = +106.0 C)
  7. How are the fan settings on the bios on this board? Can you set the fans to spin really slow when internal temp is low, and make them spin faster as the temps rises? I know this is not the same as controlling the fans based on actual hdd temps, but could be close enough. Someone was talking about external fan controller, could that be used to manage the fans with software, as in stop the fans when hdd's are not spinning. My ideal setup would be that when only one or more of the lower four hdd's are spinning, only the lower front fan would spin up. And the same thing on the upper four hdd's. And it would be really great to get the fans spin according to actual hdd temps.
  8. Thank you for the tips. Was able to cleanly reboot the server from command line using jonathanm's link. Cache was a PIA to unmount, had to stop docker containers and force umount with -l. After reboot checked the cache driver manually with btrfschk just to be sure. Now running normally again and parity check was not needed.
  9. Hi, Running 6B14. Tried to generate a windows KVM machine and the webgui stopped responding and emhttp process has died. If i try to restart it, this happens: root@tank:/etc/rc.d# /usr/local/sbin/emhttp Segmentation fault And syslog shows this: Apr 9 21:03:28 tank kernel: emhttp[27632]: segfault at 0 ip 00002b8ebad72d16 sp 00007fffe3d89408 error 4 in[2b8ebac3c000+1bf000] Any idea can this be fixed without reboot? If reboot is necessary, i would really like to know how to restart cleanly from the console? Dirty restart is not an option because parity check for 22TB takes forever Hopefully someone has some ideas how to solve this!
  10. Not sure if this is related, but i have my docker image on ssd cache, but the content still gets copied to main array (disk1). How do i make certain folders only stay in cache drive?
  11. There were some issues with the Marvel sata-controller. Would be interesting to hear from some of the users about the current state of this issue. Also read that SST-CP11B are the sata-cables to go with... Thinking about getting this board to go with latest Unraid 6 beta.
  12. Stock fans have 3-pin connectors. Hdd cage has two connectors for the front case fans, but those seems to provide constant 12v to the fans, so they run at full full speed. With all three fans running full speed you can definitely hear them, but but they are not especially loud. I am using pci bracket fan controller to control all three fans and with around 75% speed they are almost silent and still provide more than enough airflow to keep hdd's cool (six in my case). E: I have covered the inner side of the case completely with Akasa sound absorbing mat, including the inside of the front door, so that will most likely lower the noise coming from the case.
  13. Thank you for the update! Is there a list of plugins that can be used with unraid 6 beta? I tried the install extension gui to install unmenu but that just returned a bunch of errors. Are you supposed to put a url of the plugin zip-file to the install field (i.e.