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  1. speaking of giving up. I think I may have to give up on the idea of upgrading the memory at all in this thing. Out of curiousity I started checking manufacturers sites and filling in forms for this motherboard and they all come up with just one or two products that are compatible and of course none of those are still in stock. Reading up on it more it sounds like everyone has switched to high density memory which makes sense. But even more annoying a lot of them didn't change the product number along with the switch so even some that were low density orginally and have since switched still go by the same name. Which leaves me basically not trusting anything I can find to actually be compatible. Even the other kit from crucial listed on the same amazon page as the one I returned comes back as not compatible if you go to crucials site and fill in their form. Sad day for my unraid server. I know I'll eventually use it as an excuse to replace the mobo/proc/ram but it seems such a waste to give up a great 3.6 Ghz proc and motherboard with so many SATA ports.
  2. actually i'm giving up on the high density entirely. I wanted to believe so bad since it counted it up and booted and unraid allocated it. But it has now crashed twice complaining about swap that I'm sending it back and just going back to my original 4GB for now. I'm going to see how amazon returns takes to me returning it after having opened it. If they give me my refund with no issues maybe I'll look into buying the low density set. I've never had such a hassle dealing with memory before. I guess I've been lucky. Or I suppose this is also the first time I've tried to max out a motherboards capacity.
  3. well phooey so much for just swiping your settings from you I think I'm out of the woods on the high density vs low density front based off the fact that I can get a pair of them working. 12GB showing good in unraid now. I'm reading that getting four sets of 4GB chips may somehow require overclocking on the CPU side which is odd. Haven't OC'd since the good old celeron 366 days. I'm going to have to dive deeper on it when I get done with dinner and such tonight.
  4. Johnnie you're my hero, well at least a little bit. Do you happen to be running a full 16GB setup in yours? I'm making progress and it is definitely a motherboard thing not unraid config. With that setting set I can now go over 3.5GB. In fact I can get up to 12GB by using one set of my new RAM chips, and the original set that was in there. If I try and use all four of the new chips though it hangs when it tries to count up the memory on POST. Interestingly enough I can use any combination of the new chips along with the two original to get up to 12GB so I don't think any one of them are bad. It just doesn't like having all four at once. And actually I can only use two of my new ones when they are running in the first two slots. If I try and run with just two of them in dual channel configuration I get the same lock up. Meanwhile if I take them out and put the original 2GB chips in the exactly same slots it boots just fine. I suspect I have some clock setting tweaks to play with to get it maxed out. But for now 12GB is more than I really need. I could just return one set of the new RAM I suppose. But now its like a personal challenge to get it all working
  5. I looked around but didn't have a lot of time. Fortunately this is the motherboard I have so when I get back home I'll go follow these steps and look for it.
  6. I had a short time to goof around at lunch trying different chips (i have way too much old hardware in my house). I'm thinking this may just be an issue with the motherboard. I took out the 4x4GB chips and put in just 1. Then I put in just 1 of a kingston hyperx 4GB chip that I have from another machine. then I went back to the original 2x2GB that I have been running. No matter what combination I put in. it still will only allocate 3507MB. I had been assuming it wasn't showing the full 4GB allocated because half a gig was used for disk caching or some other thing. But now that I see thats all I get no matter how much is installed I'm thinking it's a hardware issue. I was wrong in thinking it showed all of it in post as well. Post always shows as 3576MB unless I have just one of my 2GB chips in then it shows 2040. Unfortunately I'm on the latest bios that asus shows on their site. I'm going to contact their support before I buy anymore RAM in an attempt to max this thing out so I don't bang my head into the same wall.
  7. I'll admit in my years of building PCs I've never dealt with high density and low density. But that said if it wasn't compatible would it still post with nothing but all the same high density chip? and show as installed in unraid? oh actually now that i think about it this would be another thing that memtest could help eliminate as a problem. I'm going to try and run that at lunch here. pain in the but since I don't have a monitor in there and the box is like 50 pounds but it will be worth it for the test
  8. yes, my post counts up the full 16gb. I've not run memtest, but suppose i can take down the array some night here soon to give it a few passes. Motherboard is a P7P55D-E with 4 slots that supports a max of 16gb (otherwise I might have gotten more ). Verified has the latest bios update. I've put in 4x4GB chips. two sets of these to be exact: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZRG009S?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage
  9. I'm noticing the dashboard only shows allocated as 3507 MB. I was interpreting this as that much was in use as compared to the 16,384 MB it shows as installed. Does this actually mean that is all unraid is allocating and the rest is not being used/assignable? If so that would explain why the VMs interface doesn't offer to let me assign more than 3GB of RAM. Could this be part of my problem? If so perhaps I need to have this moved to the general support forum.
  10. I recently upgraded my unraid box from 4GB to 16GB. My plan is/was to give half of it to a windows 8.1 vm that is currently configured for 1.5GB and the other half to unraid/docker/etc. However the interface will not let me assign that much memory to the VM. it currently only offers up to 3072MB. If I try and assign that much however I get an error when trying to start the machine. It seems the Highest I can go is 2048 MB. If I chose 2560 I receive: Execution error Unable to read from monitor: Connection reset by peer If I chose 3056 I receive: Execution error internal error: process exited while connecting to monitor: 2016-01-30T02:32:31.226315Z qemu-system-x86_64: cannot set up guest memory 'pc.ram': Cannot allocate memory Trying to edit the xml file directly has similar results. My current theory is despite the dashboard showing I have 16,384 MB and memory usage shows 24% somehow KVM needs to be reinitialized or configured or something to realize there is much more memory in the system now. Anyone have any ideas if I'm on the right track and if so what the fix is?
  11. In case anyone comes up with this in search I wanted to follow up with what I ended up doing. I added a new user with a google authenticator as an admin. Once signed in with that account you can delete the default account named "admin". At that point you're left with an admin account that requires an authenticator to get in. Also there is an option under "Server Network Settings" for Service Forwarding When TCP or Multi-daemon mode is chosen for the VPN Server protocol, the VPN Server can optionally provide access to these services through its IP address and port: and then two options Admin Web Server and Client Web Server. I've unchecked the admin option which I think may cover what I actually wanted but I don't have access to an external connection currently to verify that. Either way I'm happy with admin needing 2 factor at least.
  12. just diving into this docker and I must send a big thanks! This thing is great. After a bit of stumbling I managed to get it up and running and even configured it to take a google authenticator. I'm quite amazed at how quickly I was able to configure it. One thing I would like to lock down and haven't figured out is better securing the admin web interface. Is there anyway to prevent that from being accessible from the outside network? Or force google authenticator for it as well? I'm a huge fan of two factor authentication, but it is rather pointless if the admin interface where you can disable it is accessible with just a name and password. For now I've settled for a ridiculously complex admin password. Ideally you could block the admin interface entirely from outside the network and if you wanted to play with it remotely you could VPN first. But I'm guessing that is going off the same ports/webserver as the interface which lets you download the clients? Am I guessing correctly. On an unrelated note, but in reference to HKR's questions I get the same thing on my self test even now, but actually trying from outside my network I can connect in just fine so you may not want to rely entirely on that for verifying you have things configured correctly.
  13. amazon deal of the day is for sandisk drives. they have the 32gb cruzer fit (what i use for unraid) at $15 and the 64gb version for $28 http://www.amazon.com/gp/goldbox/ref=cs_top_nav_gb27
  14. Just for a quick short update. I reformatted and remounted without the discard option and it has been stable for three days running just my xbmc mysql database off of it. I'll try and reinstall plex today and verify it's ok I suspect it will be. I did verify that the drive is running a late enough firmware to support trim. But really the original vertex was kind of terrible yet the only SSD I could afford back in the day so this issue doesn't surprise me. I'll replace this thing eventually.
  15. oh no no, I have completely reformatted it using the directions from the beginning of this thread no worries there. A complete rebuild of the database would not be that bad it is just for my xbmc collection with about 300 movies. I've been through so many rebuilds of its database over the years that I now have all my folders named nice to line up with the movie db and I just let it scrape for a bit and everything comes back without a bunch of manual cleanup anymore. As for plex I only had just installed it a couple days ago and hadn't ever really used it when I saw the constant disk spinning and went and found this thread. So nothing to lose there either.