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  1. These are gone on NewEgg but are on the BestBuy website for $139.99 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/seagate-backup-plus-hub-8tb-external-usb-3-0-desktop-hard-drive-black/5450025.p?skuId=5450025
  2. OK, what's the recourse? I'm trying to preclear 2 8 tb drives mounted through USB and get the same 'no space left on device" error. I have 4 gb of memory. Is this an impossible scenario? I've had preclear falures on smaller drives fail also when mounted via USB. When this happens it brings down the entire server. This did not occur when the drives were mounted via SATA along with the array drives, but I'm out of SATA ports and the new drives are still in their shells. Is there a way to enable preclear to work on a USB mounted drive without this error? Thanks
  3. I'm on 6.4.5 and I've noticed lately that when I reboot the server it is very slow to have the WebGUI come up. Today I used the powerdown -r command via ssh (after the reboot button did nothing). It took 30 seconds for SSH to close, and about 4 minutes for the array to come up; I can see this via SSH. That's fine. Now almost an hour later the WebGUI is still not up. I notice that docker -ps gives an error that no docker is found. From recent experience, the WebGUI will be up tomorrow as if nothing had happened. This is not how UnRAID used to be, the GUI came up i
  4. I'd like to test out the UEFI boot feature of 6.40rc5+, on a new USB stick (i.e. not an update to my current stick) in anticipation of a hardware change, but I can't find a direct download link for the 6.4rc series. Can anyone point me to a link? Thanks, Dennis
  5. +1 for an integrated Docker-compose
  6. Hi all; I'm interested in getting financial data from Interactive Brokers via their API running in a headless docker. I have found a repository that has done this, and they instruct to build this on your server. https://github.com/ryankennedyio/ib-docker.git At this point I realize that with Community Applications and unRAID repos that I have been totally ignorant of how dockers get built. I think I can get the folder onto my server and build it but I'm not sure how to specify the build via the 'add container' page. Note that to function, there is a file that ne
  7. No, I don't but it will be on the list to (re)install. As I said I was out of country for a couple of years and did minimal upkeep to the server (6.1) that just kept pluggin... Thanks
  8. The answer to my issue is a conflict with our friend gfjardim's Unassigned Devices; my copy is dated 2015 and I no longer use it. Observant UnRaiders will have seen this alert: I note that some other conflict (not cache_dirs) is causing the slow reboot (i.e. 16 minutes instead of 4). I might figure that out, but will next install the plugins I want from scratch... too many go back to 6.0.0... Thanks for everyone who tried to help. Dennis
  9. I suspect this is on the right track. I renamed my plugins folder and rebooted, and the webGUI works as expected. Just now I restored half the plugins and rebooted to see which is the culprit. Likely I should just make a list of those I want and install from scratch; there are things there I don't recognize. Parenthetically, for those old enough to remember Mac OS 7.5 and earlier, this was an at least annual routine to identify system extension conflicts. Ah, the bad old days. I'll report my findings, but I suspect as you said, it is a non-updated and non-reportin
  10. Thanks, itimpi, that makes sense. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I do not have System Buttons installed or any other Dynamix addins (at least not that I recall, or show up in the plugins or apps page). That leaves me with a base system that fails with system errors: Tower emhttp: error: cmdStop: missing csrf_token Tower root: error: webGui/include/Boot.php: missing csrf_token and prevents me from stopping the array or rebooting. I can't recall if there is a way to reboot with 'extensions off' so I can see if it might be an unsuspec
  11. Thanks, Squid, but I'm still a little confused. "System Buttons" is a routine within Dynamix WebGUI? I don't see it as a tool or an app. I also don't know about 'Active Streams' but it sounds like it could be useful. Without the function of Dynamix I don't see a means of having the server on but the array unmounted,or 'officially' being able to restart the server. I might place this basic functionality at a somewhat higher priority than making the server a gaming platform. I will appreciate when @bonienl can update this builtin function. I've followed the debate abou
  12. I'm having what might be the same issue. On 6.3.2 I could not stop the array (gave: Tower emhttp: error: cmdStop: missing csrf_token) and could not reboot from the Main web GUI window (gave: Tower root: error: webGui/include/Boot.php: missing csrf_token). Actually the reboot button killed the webGUI and I had to reboot from the terminal using powerdown -r. I saw this thread and the suggestions that some app was not up to date. I updated all of the apps (mostly CA components) and saw the UnRAID 6.3.3 update, so I updated that too and rebooted from terminal with powerdown -r. Th
  13. Regarding TMM: I thought it might be a Java version issue, since the TMM home page says that it requires "at least 1.7." TMM won't run on my Mac (10.10) since that is 1.61 (IIRC). I looked into the TMM volume, though, and the Java version is 1.8, I think it's a subversion 121. I also tried deleting my TMM config directory, and it just made a new one and still didn't work. I can't parse the error that 'TMM has tried 5 times to download...' with a brand new config directory. Maybe it's just hyperbole, like when I tell my kids "I've told you a million times..." I know
  14. Regarding TMM, I have the same issue, and I append a log from a failed session Thanks, it has been very useful to me, thanks for all the work you have done for us. Dennis TMM_log.txt
  15. I'm used to using PHPMyAdmin to scan and search MySQL databases when I used MAMP. PHP doesn't seem to be installed in the mariadb docker. What do folks use to look at their databases beyond the command line? My client is a Mac. Thanks