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  1. So I can get on with the version 6 upgrade then figure out this disk?
  2. I think what may have happened is one of the drives ( think that one) got popped out. The cabinet is a hot swappable (?) as I recall and maybe there was something in the buffer. Is there a way to CHKDSK type of app to check the drive?
  3. Just realized I posted this in ver 6 and I am still on 5. Planning on upgrading after I get this figure out just to be sure. Although, I guess the update only affects the flash drive and not any of the data drives. Correct?
  4. Jun 23 03:12:32 Tower kernel: quiet_error: 9224 callbacks suppressed Jun 23 03:12:32 Tower kernel: Buffer I/O error on device md15, logical block 101335245 Jun 23 03:12:36 Tower last message repeated 9 times Jun 23 03:12:38 Tower kernel: quiet_error: 5 callbacks suppressed Jun 23 03:12:38 Tower kernel: Buffer I/O error on device md15, logical block 101335245 Jun 23 03:12:40 Tower last message repeated 9 times
  5. I just had a red dot appear next to one of the drives on the main menu. I have stopped the array and rebooted the server and brough it back on line. I CAN access the files on that drive but the red dot is still there. What should I do next?
  6. Think I. Going to order the WD60EFZX. Best cost effective of the sizes.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I read about it and think I will prefer the WD60EFZX which is the CMR. Basically the same pricing.
  8. But in a media server, at least in my case, it’s a one time write the vast majority of time. I rip my DVD’s and plan to keep it on the server. If after I watch it and say it’s a crap movie, I my delete it but that happens very seldom. So will SMR really be an issue? My thoughts are more along the thought of 5400 vs 7200 rpm.
  9. I’m looking to add some more storage. I have a bunch (15) of older 1TB WD drives along with 1 2tb and the 2tb parity. Specifically I’m looking at the Red WD60EFAX which is 6tb. At $150 and I know I’d have to get 2 but that way I could convert the older 2tb parity into data so would net 8tb. My luck has been good with the WD but not sure how their latest stuff is good or not.
  10. It’s on the list to do. Just nervous about doing it. What is the limit in 6?
  11. How many drives can you have in version 5. I currently have 15 plus. The parity.
  12. I am having the hardest time getting Main.HTML to come up consistently from my various browsers. I was able to at one point. On my straight Win machine I can get to it by going to a browser and typing in Main, but that machine issuing away On my Mac with Parallels, I cannot get it to come up one either the Mac OS Safari, Firefox or in the Windows (Parallels) on Firefox, chrome, or IE. A couple days ago, I WAS in it via the Mac Safari. Any ideas?
  13. I am not expert Linux or unraid person but need to undelete some files. So how do I tell if mine are xfs?