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  1. It works! The data showed up (an hour late), so I removed the container and ran it again. The same data is still visible. Thank you for your help koyaanisqatsi, your idea of creating a starter database is spot on!! The timezone issue doesn't seem to be fixed even after editing that php file
  2. I might have managed it... though I can't see any data yet, maybe it'll show up in an hour (my timezone offset). I firstly ran: sudo docker run --name cacti -d -p 9123:80 -p 161:161 --restart always -e TZ=Europe/London \ -v /home/x/cacti/cacti:/data/cacti -v /home/x/cacti/mysql:/data/mysql quantumobject/docker-cacti then access the container terminal with sudo docker exec -it cacti bash I gave it ~10 minutes to start and gather some data. I then transferred all the files: rsync -a /var/lib/mysql/* /data/mysql/ rsync -a /opt/cacti/* /data/cacti/ I th
  3. That's odd about the timezone. I actually found that my host was on UTC rather than London time, so that might help my situation. Haven't tested yet. I'm struggling with persistence too. I found that /var/lib/mysql and /opt/cacti are where the configs are stored and if they can be passed as a volume then that would work. However, when I pass them through as volumes the container stops working. The following command, in my eyes, should start the container with persisted volumes: docker run --name cacti -d -p 9123:80 -p 161:161 --restart always -e TZ=Europe/London \ -v
  4. Thank you for updating and posting this!! I'm trying to get this same docker running (quantumobject/docker-cacti) and I have the same timezone issue. I'm not within unRaid, just bare Ubuntu. This was the only result that showed up though. Could you explain how you fixed the timezone issue? I'm unsure how to put putenv('TZ=America/Los_Angeles'); into the docker system (persistently). I've also been wondering how this system copes with a reboot. I've not specified any persistent volumes, so do all the stats wipe when the container restarts?
  5. I'm looking to start using Docker soon and your DelugeVPN container looks like what I need, but I also need a VPN for SickRage. Unfortunately my ISP blocks most torrenting websites so SickRage can't find anything without a VPN. Since you've already got Deluge+OpenVPN (maybe not finished, but close), is it easy to create other combinations? EDIT: An alternative would be to keep using the OpenVPN plugin in Unraid and switch everything else to Docker. Would all the Docker traffic still pass through the VPN if it was just a plugin? I'd rather just have Transmission/Deluge and SickRage on VPN,
  6. Would it be possible to set up a VPN connection (OpenVPN to something like PrivateInternetAccess) for certain (or all) containers to use? Ideally I'd like to say "this container and that container should go through VPN connection, whilst the rest go through the normal connection", but all containers going through the VPN would be good too.
  7. I've just run into an issue where I lost access to the WebGUI. I rebooted from telnet, several times, and even rebooted it at the machine, but I still can't access the GUI. I can still access the server via Telnet, and I can see the flash share over the network. Does anyone know what's happened? Is there a log file somewhere that I should post? EDIT: Access is back now, but only at //tower. For some reason the IP won't work. Yet Plex etc are available at IP:Port.
  8. Is there any way to add new providers (mainly torrents) to SickBeard? I've tried copying the provider files from other builds (junalmeida's) and then updating the list of providers in __init__.py but then SickBeard fails to start. It seems there are many other places that would need updating. I've also tried installing the other build, but can't get that to start either. I would really like some added torrent providers EDIT: Wow, I actually managed it. I'm going to provide a list of files that I had to update: There are many lines that need copying in these files and the pro